Tornado at College? This is What Happened…

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In today’s #BehindTheBraids vlog, sponsored by Sprint, you’ll see what the WEATHER has been like here in Texas! It’s been absolutely crazy lately, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much RAIN! The creek in our backyard is literally flooded, and the twins were in a #TORNADO warning at college!

It’s always tough being a parent when the weather gets bad and your kids aren’t home. Hearing that Brooklyn & Bailey were under a tornado warning had me immediately checking in to see if they were OK. Baylor, or course, had a great plan in place. The girls actually live on the top floor of their dorm, so everyone had to move down to the 1st floor just in case anything got bad. Thank goodness the weather stayed under control and everyone was fine!

With the #twins away at school, Paisley always wants to talk with them via FaceTime. She’ll grab my phone at any moment, to update them about kids in her class, her new #gymnastics trick, or just to say “I Love you!” With all the facetiming going on around here, makes me glad that we have unlimited data! We’ve used Sprint for over 6 years now. My favorite thing about Sprint is the Unlimited plans that they offer, meaning that we can call the twins as many times a day as we want! Their plans and devices are super affordable, and they actually offer a couple of features that I LOVE! One is called Safe and Found, and the other is called Lookout. Both of these features help you keep track of your kids, and what they’re watching on their phones. Super helpful in this era of technology that all of us parents are trying to adjust to!

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💋’s -Mindy

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Cute Girls Hairstyles says:

We use Sprint. What cell phone service do you have? 💋's -Mindy

Dayanara Rodriguez says:

Omg I play volleyball 🏐 😲😍😍😍

Mari Ross says:

My school also has a tornado warning and we thought it was at me but then the teachers said, " Guys this is a real thing get down! " And so ya we had to stay after school to

Kiranmai Sakuru says:

Can anyone tell me what is the song at 0.18

A. Nicole says:

OMG!! that must have been so scary for them! so happy everyone is safe!💛

iqro ahmed says:

When I saw the creek it reminded me of the little river or whatever from bridge to terabithia

Bella Hiemer says:

Were can I get your 📚 book 📖

Anne Truong says:

I used Google pixel 2 and I used Verizon!

staceyrriley67 says:

Eww wrong end

Aesthetic_Pineapple _Baby says:

I can relate. Texas has so many storms,floods, and tornadoes! I live in Dallas too and some weeks it’s been raining almost every single day!

Morqan says:

I know, right?! This Texas weather has been crazy lately, and I was under a tornado watch on Halloween, while 2 counties to the north of mr had a tornado watch. i was home alone, and I did not not know which direction the tornado was going! I ope everyone is safe <3

D. Whalen says:

Hi Brooklyn and Bailey I actually had a tornado in may and we had two weeks of school off! It was may 15 2018 it is very scary so he warned have a great day love you!

tasfia Islam says:

You wanna know who is beautiful
Read the first word

Anne Truong says:

Do they know Fortnite? And the college looks so bad.

Moggs 09 says:

What bread are your dogs

Lauren Stikes says:

Wow so much water

Wilma Rodriguez says:

I want to.see Rylyn play I play volleyball aswell

Maricella khloe Colon says:

I love your vids my mom do all of the hair Style

madison simon says:

how old is Paisley now?

Eleven 11 says:

i live in KS where the floods were….

Carly Williams says:

I love y’all!!! I hope y’all are safe- my prayers are with you ❤️

skyler sundy says:

why are those boys literally me in the rain? like once it rains i’m playing in it😂

Jana Shults says:

My family and I were visiting Baylor for the Premiere that weekend and we had to go into Teal Hall for the storm, and I almost had a panic attack haha. I just got accepted this week and will be joining the Baylor family next fall. Sic 'Em!

Care Bear 77 says:

Oh my gosh my camp in Texas is flooded

My Life With A Sister says:

I’m in Houston and it’s still raining

Amaya Austin says:

what city do yall live in

kam tal says:

aww my cousin lives in the same area and she facetimed me during this 😂 glad y’all are safe 💕

Yamileth Lopez says:

I have see a tornado in the front of my house

Cosette Gill says:

Yeah I live in Texas close to y’all and I got a Tornado warning it was scary we took cover

Brynn Chapman says:

I live in North Texas like you do. We have been getting so much rain lately that we have broken records. It’s not been the best time.

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