The Top Viral Hairstyles Videos on Instagram 😍 | BEST HAIR TUTORIALS | PART 2

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The Top Viral Hairstyles Videos on Instagram | BEST HAIR TUTORIALS | PART 2



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Hiiherg – Mind [YM Release]
Lyoko feat. Shauna Cardwell – Together [Top Shelf Sounds & YM Release]

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Jenna Olson says:

So many of these are just people curling their hair…

Lily Redberg says:

The first girl has braces and doesn’t want anyone to know

piercethe jellyfish says:

I'm cringing. So much heat damage for hair that'll only last a day 😬

Catherine Mendoza says:

The first girl was pretty until she smiled lmaoooo

Stacie Raymond says:

The first girl is so pretty! 😍😍😍

Brianna McCarthy says:

Omg the chick in the blue dress.. All the pieces she didn't curl πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

Heather Famularo says:

I don't get why people want a cute hairstyle because they only get to have it for 24 hours…..(btw not being mean)……

Alexis :p says:

4:40 beauty guru in the making

Alexis :p says:

0:10 I thought she had a lot of lipstick on her teeth, then realized they were braces lol

Dina Samoylenko says:

2:12 did u think she was going to make her hair wavy with the headband thing?

Alexis Osborn says:

5:57 her hair curler looks like an anal toy

Olivia C says:

10 seconds in needs to to pause the video: omg what’s so funny girl? :3

Jennessa Latham says:

Who has the time for any of these?

Yennian velasquez says:

πŸ’• VΓ­deo de sexo de Kim Kardashian

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