The Top 13 Men’s Celebrity Hairstyles of 2017

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Hey guys! Today I will be showing you the best men’s celebrity haircuts of the year! Of course, there are a lot of cool hairstyles that dudes have rocked throughout the year, so this video is based solely off of my own personal favorites.

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The Sexourious says:

Jencarlos Canela

Mark Meruga says:

Who else noticed that he said "awestome?"

Mark Meruga says:

I can't stop watching your videos man!

Tess Schmidt says:

I haven't seen you in so long!!

Emmanuel Tine says:

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Bklg123 says:

Check out cole sprouse.

Matt says:

Great video. I love that this isn’t just 13 undercuts!!!!

Aaron Poulsen says:

Marcus & Martinus Gunnarsen

Jawad Booley says:

Leonardo DiCaprios old hairstyle

Amir Elrafie says:

Sergio Ramos!!!

Beqa Kacheishvili says:

cagatay ulusoy from movie delibal check the hairstyle bro ♥♥♥

Karim Hussam says:

Your Hairline is reciding a bit, Take care man

Aavash Ex says:

Doesn't he look like G Eazy?

PJ Amin says:

this is dre deXler —-respect

Jung Kook says:

Yeah 60Gs Baby….

Ross Cahill says:

I know he's not a celeb and more of an insta famous person but toni mahfud's hair is magical

vljzlj says:

I ordered shevoo, and I cannot really tell yet if I like it or not. But I can already tell that this is the last time. It takes 21 WORK days to come….Like seriously…

Hazique keynes says:

Check william moseley hairstyle

safeandsoundga says:

Really not a fan of how months ago you were promoting Sheh-voo as a brand you were a big fan of, and now all of a sudden you’re the owner of the company…seems shady.

Nate Andrade says:

Thanks for the vid dre!!!

Cristian Morales says:

Cristiano Ronaldo

8rn says:

You cut the wrong name lol good stuff

Connor Jones says:

That picture of Raheem sterling was taken before 2015!!! Do your research he was wearing a redshirt from when he was on Liverpool and then left in 2015. He has since changed his hairstyle

simon miller says:

Me to for the last hair style and I love superheros and I love reading the bible and going to church . Mary christmas

Ali Qureshi says:

Dre how long does it take to get fuller sides back after an undercut?

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