“The Braiding Bunch” – Parody of “The Brady Bunch” by DeVol & Schwartz | Cute Girls Hairstyles

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Did you grow up watching The Brady Bunch? We did! We’ve been wanting to do this video project adapted for our family for about 5 years now! We love it!

Special thanks goes to Alisha & Eden from TheLaughingMoms (https://www.youtube.com/user/AlishafoundEden) who composed/adapted the music and wrote the lyrics to fit our family! They are amazing women, and you should all check out the music parodies on their channel!

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💋’s -Mindy


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Lemon Milk says:

It's kinda cringey

Anna Cate N says:

This is so cute!

Nem Te says:

cute family

Maya's Awesome Channel says:

Lol you guys are awesome!!!

Walter Conroy says:

I love this video is cut

Lizzie Evans says:

I love the Brady bunch haha

Vy Le says:

very creative and you're voices harmonise perfectly with eachother kinda like a family choir

PinkPianist says:

How am I just now seeing this?? So clever! I love it!

Steve Carras says:

🙂 Six kids in each family..did you see what I just commented on (the nicest six child family since the Bradys)? Nice!

Jaswinder Sharma says:

Please please please please (please x infinity) make this your intro for cgh

ItzJustRandom says:

They all have long dark hair

looks at Bailey

Nithya Maroju says:

Exactly 1 year ago! x

Isabel Tube says:

They should do a spin off

Abby McKeon says:

Is this like the remake of the Brady Bunch

Stephanie Bush says:

I watched the real Brady bunch but like this one way netter

Astha Bernard says:

Can't wait till they all have their own channels so I can look back and be like I remember when I watched them when they were little kids.

Mima Flo says:

Rylan should make her own channel!!!

Pickle the Potato says:

This is so cute! Great job you guys

Madison Rafferty says:

Is Camry adopted

Riley Rainwater says:


Faith Fellowes says:

0:47 best picture evaarrr!!!!!!!!!!!

Electric Dodgem says:

thats all i can say

Hiba Alkhafaji says:

I love the song

Mystic Gaming says:

Who acutely watches the Brady Bunch

saima zia says:

All of them had long hair looks at bailey and Paisley

Irishjoy24 says:

That's so cute LOL

that girl alyssa says:

That should be there intro song for their videos… PLEASEEEEE it's so cute and funny😂😂😘😘

Maddie Caraa says:

I cringed the whole way through this

Lestii Msp says:

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