Stylish Hairstyles Compilation for Black Women 2018! – Creative Hairstyle Ideas

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Stylish Hairstyles Compilation for Black Women 2018!

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Morenninha Cacheada says:

Qual éh o nome da musica no fundo,no começo do vídeo?

Unicorn Lover 101 says:

This is why I live being black💓💓💖

Malaikha Callas says:

music pleas ?

Ikran Dirshe says:

What is the first song called???

Amaris Johnson says:

Pantene is not good for your hair it has floor wax in it!!!!

Dyamanti22 says:

But all the woman are Gorgz, with the good face/headshapes. Some hairstyles do not work for Every head and face. In my case, my cheeks are too big, and unsymmetrical.

Dyamanti22 says:

I m too lazy for all this omggg


nobody in the thumbnail or in this video looks black tho ..

Kamryn Hamilton says:

These hairstyles are sooooo pretty😭❤️

V! Arts says:

qual o nome da musica?

a.d.w. n. says:

I would love to do those bantu knots on my 3 year old…but she wont stay still. Nah. Im doing it.

Dief The witch says:

So much ideas! Thanks !

Duanyelle Jones says:

I love the music that's playing does anyone know the name of it

Pitchou Lualaba says:

Je te dis à bravo à toi

Pitchou Lualaba says:

Je sais aussi comme tu es gentille on peut se parler dans snap on va faire des choses chez Luna et on pourrait se parler dans sa peut-être Ouais mais tu es très belle continue à faire ça ouais parce que on a des compliments mais je vous faire des compliments comme vous êtes un jeune jeune voulait que je fume coco m'en voudrais c'est peut-être que oui peut-être que non pourquoi pourquoi pourquoi pourquoi

Pitchou Lualaba says:

Pourquoi tu as reçu mon message

mythical._. marie says:

Black women don’t have specific hairstyles they can wear ANY, just like anyone else can! 😊

Miya says:

3:26 thats what i like to see darkskin and lightskin beautiful girls getting along, where im from that never happens smh we all need to get along…

nari abbott says:

What's the first song

dior.muláno says:

how is the girl with the bantu knots and the braided heart gonna gts ? 😂😂💀

Jessica Ogbonnaya says:

Very Beautiful 💗 keep up the good work.

Melissa Jordin says:


Crystal Nelson says:

2:33 & 3:20 are my favs 😍.


what's the song for the the 1st person

Kiya Irene says:

I loved this now I have some ideas for what my mom can do my hair!!😄

Davina Ndaty says:

Ur so hardworking i love how u post so regularly 😍 your song choice is fab and ur vidoes no idea why are quite therapeutic i just get a vibe from u😍😂

Noxolo Lamani says:

2:22 what do you call that hairstyle

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