Style Long Straight Hair with Bangs and Layers Hairstyles

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Style Long Straight Hair with Bangs and Layers To style this haircut, apply Add Volume mousse by KMS while the hair is damp. This mousse is great for fine ha…


XtinaSooFetch818 says:

her poor bangs…yikes

Bb says:

Bangs too short :/ 

Mike Bloise says:

Do you offer vitamins for your clients hair?!

melissadorius says:

Big of a retro sixties old Vidal Sassoon I like this

Tina Capstick says:

I feel like the bangs kept needing to be messed with because they’re too
short and choppy

VSGCrystal M says:

I dislike the finish of the bangs! They have heaviness in the middle, and
are far to choppy! Maybe cut bangs dry for a better effect 🙂 love the
layered look of the long hair!

melissadorius says:

*bit not big

BucketsandBrooms says:

Radona…… What happened to your shoter stacked hair …. It looked so
good on you with the blond in the front!!

Elizabeth Mooney says:

You do great hair!! On the other hand i think this cut was to wide and far
back with the bangs. It just didnt do well with her face 🙁

richard hardie says:

Love the hairdo. Really suits her

HotTopicVidz says:

U made her loook like she has a mullet.

Ashley MacCulloch says:

The bangs look really choppy and short. U should try cutting the bangs dry
instead of wet. That way you can see were everything will lay

Elizabeth Mooney says:

Omg yesss a mullett!!! Thats what i was thinkin but couldnt rem what it was

GirlsHairstyles2012 says:

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