Stacked Bob Haircuts and Layered Short Hairstyles With Bangs Tutorial

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Stacked Bob Haircuts and Layered Short Hairstyles With Bangs Tutorial

This video is a perfect video for stacked bob haircut and haircuts. Also a great way to style your hair using layered hairstyles with bangs.
As you all have requested, we have combined some older videos with both the haircut and the hairstyle into one. This will be very helpful for you to see the entire process into one single video. We hope you enjoy these reproductions.

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SmithRN 31965 says:

The thing about this haircut is its so nice..your model has a long face shape and. This looks great on her… they say that you should stay with medium length and add width..this haircuts I do believe adds more length to the face but it works. Well on… please Never do a Kate  ugly  gosseling   haircut!

Pauline Piper says:

I really love this hair

Leigh Ann S says:

Thank you!!

Sharon Gurley says:

I love this haircut!! I had my hair style list to cut the same cut for myself. I would like to ask your opinion on how to grow out blonde hair color with high and low highlights. With me having this haircut that your doing. You have very idea's just wondering if would share your ideas on this???? Thank You, Sharon ✂💺💟👍

richard hardie says:

she is a beautiful lady, now, with a beautiful haircut.

Rhea Wye says:

hi i was just wondering if you were doing a vidio on how do to your hair to tone like yours as lv the to tone look and the cut thank u rhea

Debra Wolf says:

So cute but so much work! The A-line is such a classic cut!


I have missed you — happy to see that you are back …. you are  THE BEST !

DoktarDollyViruss says:

omg your so rough! but looked lovely lol!

Martha Gillespie says:

I love the way you cut hair. Where are you?

Marsha Crosby says:

Where do you buy those 3/4 sleeve tops that you wear under your sleeveless blouses?

DonnaM Maldona says:

I love the way you styled the hair cut too. Nice job!☆ ♡

Fabiola cruzes says:

hi here who speaks is a fan of you, live in
Brazil, likeI to see more video girls drying the hair or even brush making (blow-dry). I hope you like my tip and up next

MultiHairlover says:

das ist der beste haarschnitt den ich je gesehen habe

Robin Worden says:

Love this cut…..I really need to get some distortion to try as I love to wear the messy look myself!  Where did you find that comb you use to tease with? Would love one myself!!!

anchi5252 says:

Can you cut my hair?

Sharon Emerson says:

Awesome cut and what a beautiful model!

maria Paradis says:

Like those shears what brand are those? Ty

Viva Fusions says:

Hi RaDona how funny I was looking on your channel yesterday to see if I had missed anything and here you are.  Really great cut love it thank you so much for sharing.  Hugs xxxx

lopposof says:

The hairlines a bit longer on the right

melidori says:

Ok, that was funny when the styling gum came out the top. Hilarious!! Love the cut such a great style. Where do you buy the distortion?

Boys And Girls Hairstyles says:

Enjoy this great and unified video!

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