SLAYING INTO 2019!🔥Easy Curly Hairstyles + Natural Hair Wash Routine (Beginner’s Friendly)

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Hey guys! I’m so excited to partner with SheaMoisture to bring you this beginners friendly hair routine and also 6 curly hairstyles for the holidays, and so that you can slay into the New Year! These hairstyles are great for natural hair because they are super easy, but they’re also really cute and great for protecting your hair (or those lazy days where you are overdue for a wash, but don’t feel like it… I can definitely relate haha). Please let me know what you guys think down below and please give me a LIKE if you enjoyed this video! Also, these products are available nationwide at Target!

Products Used:
Curl Enhancing Smoothie:

**This video is sponsored by SheaMoisture**


Jewellianna Palencia says:

Hey guys!! What do y’all think of my new shower in my new apartment?🛁🚿 I like that it has a window in it (even though it makes me low-key paranoid 😳😂). But don’t forget to comment your favorite style below! And also, happy holidays! 🎄🎁🎊 I hope that you all are able to enjoy time with your family, eat bomb food, get awesome gifts, or are just able to take the time to relax and put yourself on the shoulder for making it through the year! ☺️🙌🏾I love you all soooo much and thank you for ALLL of your love and support this year. Each and everyone of your are sooo appreciated and I love you with all of my heart!❤️

Nikkole Chow says:

your hair is so beautiful!! i just posted a curly hairstyles video, i would love it if anyone checked it out and let me knew what they thought! 😘☺️

DIY Queen says:


Yao Adja says:

What hair type do you have?

Vivian Grace says:

I wish I didn’t have such mixed girl hair 😭

dabrat 14 says:

Shea moisture is the only thing i use on my hair, and the way yours turned out is awesome so when i take my shower and im going to follow what you did and see the results!😆

Bizzy says:

whats ur hair type?? it's so pretty!!!

Ka’Mya Nickson says:

I know this might sound weird but you have perfect teeth. They are so white and straight.

Michelle Kigondu says:

My favorites are 3,5,and 6

Aaliyah Bobb-Semple says:

Look number 3

Starlight Sparkles says:

Also am I the only one who has the problem because most of my hair is like 4a or 4b and my bottom left is 4c and my bottom middle is like 3b and it’s not heat damaged because it been like a year and my new growth is the same texture. And it would look like a mess when I try to curl or defined my hair (even though my defined hair always looks messy and have frizz)

Starlight Sparkles says:

Urghh I’m soo jealous >W< I wish my hair curls pops like yours but it doesn’t and I have frizz. I don’t know if it’s my products but if it is I can’t buy new products because my mom would be mad and I wouldn’t know if the product would work well for me

Jacey A. says:

Those SheaMoisture products look so nice to try but they cost $45-50 (for one jar) where I live. 😅🤧 Got to be working magic then :v

Cania Thomas says:

I like all of the hairstyles you did a SPECTACULAR JOB !!!!!!!!

Charlene Luvambu says:

I envy you i have 4c hair so i am always struggling

awoere amachree says:

you look exactly like the girl from the hate you give………

Kayla G says:

I have braids in but I can’t wait to get my natural hair back to try these out

Nightcore Roblox and More says:

Honestly I like 2,3,5,6

Summer and Tuesday says:

My look is number 5.💯💯💯

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