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Whether you’re looking for a homecoming hairstyle or an everyday look, this side elastic braid is one of my absolute favorite hairstyles! This DIY hairstyle may look complicated, but in reality it is super simple and quick to do! You will love this look for a prom hairstyle, a holiday party hairstyle, or even a romantic beach hairstyle look

To recreate this DIY hairstyle tutorial you begin by creating a lace braid on the side of the head near the temple. Only adding hair into the one side of the braid. Then I go back and pancake the hair to add fullness and fluff.

Once the lace braid is secure then I take the lace braid and another small piece of hair from the other side. Secure them together.

From this point on you just need to take one piece of hair from each side, twist the hair, and then secure them with an elastic. Go back and tug on the hair to loosen the twists and make it look so pretty and full.

The ease comes from you only needing to use a few elastics and twists. But the braid itself looks so amazing and beautiful. It looks like a fancy french braid or a fax french braid.

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Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, small hair elastics, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 5-10 minutes

Skill Level: Medium


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CutiePieIBV says:

I have curly hair and tried this my hair is afro now those clear elastics or so hard to take out

Miceala Pablo says:

She makes it Seam so easy

Nelly Naff says:

it's awesome!!!!

Sydney Bandy says:

I love this hairstyle

Kimberly Whisenant says:

Hi Jordan this is Kim! I really like this hairstyle, it's elegant and pretty! I'm going to try this hairstyle today! Thanks again, Kim!

Charlie Weasley says:

How hard would it be to remove πŸ˜‚

Kimberly Whisenant says:

Hi Jordan this is Kim! I really enjoy your hair tutorials! I like your dutch braids, French fishtail braids, and your elastic braids! You are very pretty, and talented! I'm learning how to do different braids on my hair too! I'm on Facebook, and Twitter! Thanks again, Kim!

Rainbow Power says:

I don't like the guests but I love how Jordan's hairstyles are easy to do on yourself
I love everything about this channel now

Cherry Chung says:

That's so clever

ssyang8 says:

Good and pretty!!!!

Pat Williams says:

im on my nana tablet my iphone7 and i podandipad charging i love your hair styles u do there awsome im 10years old and i practest all the hairstyles u do on my American doll

Tracy Kong says:

i really like the braid that is side elastic braid

Jaylynne Chau says:

This hurt so much!! I put looked great but hurt so much when I took it out!! Partially because it was beautiful and also I ripped out a little bit of my hair!

Eris Discord says:

I did this braid and slept in it, and it didn't come apart. For dark hair, use the black elastics, they camouflage well.

Annabelle Poop says:

How can you o that I tried that right after I watched this and it came out kinda bad

sonu rao says:

tutorial upon to unbraied this hairstyle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Vanessa Hern says:

I love braids! but I always feel intimidated by them. I will definitely be doing the elastic trick because I can't braid at all lol

High Low says:

I wish I can do this but whenever there is an ealastic in my hair I can never take it out 😭

Grace Garcia says:

That hair style is so beautiful

Ruby Leah D says:

Wish I could do my hair like that

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