Running Late Hair Fixes | No Heat, 8 Styles!

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I hope this helps those of you who are running late all the time like i am 😉
These styles work with both curly and straight hair, i just showed it with messy curls because curls are a little bit harder to tame!

Thanks for watching!!


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michelle yannantuono says:

Your hair isn't messy your waves are perfect

Aiste Drungilaite says:

I dpnt understand why everyone hair is so pretty?

Hot Cheetos says:

But your hair is already beautiful…lol

Artemis Frantzi says:

I love the colour of your hair😍😍

Shania Szutowicz says:

My hair is like so friken thin and if I try to clip it back it would look like I have no hair😂

David/Tania Mudford says:

You are really pretty

Foxy Fitness says:

I love heatless styles. Great video! <3

Kitty Princess says:

If your getting really late all I do is put it in a pony tail then leave

Jennifer Hudman says:

She looks amazing before she starts that's not fair, I have to get to the first step first I don't wake up like that

Carly Rowlinson says:

why do you look like my aunt😂😂

buddy sm says:

You are sòoooooooo cute

cringey user says:

i wouldnt call your hair curly..

Lynnzie7 says:

Thanks for the video! It is super helpful 🙂

Kaitlyn Peterson says:

My hair is literally insane. I am trying to stop putting heat on it, cause I usually just straighten it cause I have really curly hair and it’s really puffy. But I have no idea how to make it look good 🙃

Alondra Pedroza says:

When ur hair isnt curly 😢

Yours Truly, Victoria says:

Whos watching in 2017

Addie Del Fierro says:

My school won't allow hats

Cassidy Josey says:

but if i put my hair up at night and take it down in the morning, my hair is completely messed up, and all the waves are like bent out of shape…

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