Romantic Valentines Day Easy Updo For Short Or Medium Length Hair!

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Hello beautifuls!!! I am back with an awesome tutorial for Valentines Day! If you are in a relationship or just going out with your girlfriends for S.A.D. (singles awareness day) this style is perfect!

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Sharon La Tour says:

cute as can be! love it!

Camisha Fallen Angels says:

That's what my natural color looks like that shade

MARIPOSA butterflies says:

Very helpful!

Yael Blatt says:

Thank you for posting this! I had a wedding this past weekend and I wanted my hair up because it's hot out. I watched this video like 3 times and it looked great. People were asking where I got it done!

Rhonda Mancinelli says:


Sarah Ivey says:

Can't see shit

aleena francis says:

The camera didn't point right.

kirsty toon says:

How do you get your hair so shiny and smooth ?

Nakthis says:

This is a very good one! Thanks a lot, I pulled it off 🙂 Some loose ends here and there but I have different lengths so not a shocker there. Pretty!

silpa das says:

So sad the camera didn't point it right

Nathaporn Suwannathada says:

look great!

Michelle Wright says:

Gorgeous style and really well demonstrated thank you

PrettyBlueFlowers says:

So beautiful and well explained, thank you!

Daisy D says:

Very cute!!

Gracey Evans says:

I really like this hairstyle!! This is perfect for the wedding I will be attending this Saturday! Hopefully I can pull it off! 

MissLauraSquared says:

Missing your videos! It's been awhile since you posted a new one.

MissLauraSquared says:

You now have 3000 subscribers!

Icy sharks says:

you're so pretty you look like jillian from workaholics

MissLauraSquared says:

Do you know if your channel has been having any technical issues? I tried watching your Bare Minerals video and it won't work. Some of your videos will load and some of them won't. Do you know why this may be happening?

Amelia Jaber says:

I. Love. You. Ok? Ok!!!

TheRenGirl says:

this is such a pretty hairstyle!

Diana Mendoza says:

This is a very pretty hairstyle

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