Romantic Prom Updo Hairstyle for Long Medium Hair Tutorial

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Hey guys, originally I wasn’t going to post this video because my sister had just gotten her hair bleached twice that day. It looked super fried at the tips,…


reina miranda says:

This is so AMAZING!!!

Isabella Dennany says:

this video has been really helpful for my formal dance!

amyharvey12341 says:

I love you,I love you,I love you!!! Thank you SO very very much!! I literly searched the whole youtube for a hairstyle to do for prom… (no luck) and you finaly showed me and easy one I wil be able te do!!!! But instead of using heat in gonna do sock curls… Do you think it wil work?

lilfoxie96 says:

i did this for prom tonight and everyone loved it you are amazing and really helped make my prom amazing <3

sukiyukie3 says:

OMG OMG OMG! My Prom is May 18th! And i found a hair style! <3 Thnx for this awesome video! from first video to last <3 love it

yuridia torres says:

Thumbs Up If you are watching this in 2013! ^.^

Hearttyheart Rara says:

How I wish you’re my sister :(

Nilakshi Dutta says:

wow……..i jst <3 it

Color1996Guard14Girl says:

im totally doing this with my hair for prom this year!!!! :D

Wiktoria Assink-Piela says:

I did this for prom (which was like three months ago but mmkay xd) and I got soo many compliments :3 thank you nee <3

Sivan Koubi says:

It is beautiful! But I have short hair, So you can make another video for short hair?

Sarah Whitesides says:

your videos basically save me from getting my hair made fun of

Selena Nguyen says:

could you make a hair tutorial on the side ?

kenzy hotaling says:

this hair style is so cute im definitley doing this for a formal dance…thanks so much!!

Monica Kyler says:

Thats really cute! I’m trying to come up with good ideas for a friend of mine and this might be exactly what she needs for the dance.

DerpinWithNutella says:

@MISSMINIMAKUP braid your hair the night before :D

chanelle gharib says:

im using this for an upcoming prom, thank youu !

mariah young says:

love this


can you do this with out curling your hair

ooberdorkfish says:

I looooove your hair tutorials Soooo much!!! You have awesome talent! Can you do a video on different styles using hair chopsticks?? Thanx and keep up your creativity!

Dede D says:

this is amazing ! I love it !!

kazekage dana belcourt says:

my lazy style is brushing it lol

peaceloveartritis says:

I love this! I’m so doing this for homecoming

ashley rudd says:

My lazy day hairstyle is a messy bun

Zeydi Duran says:

im doing this for tomorrow lol just for school

Jessica DeBusk says:

used this look for prom last spring, but i did it as a side do with real roses as the accent 🙂 It turned out really nice. Thanks so much!

mia adem says:

wow!!!! fascinating!!

Jess Love says:

OMG! you dont’t now how much you help me!! I will be doing this for my BD!! :DD thaanks sSOOO much!!

Adela O says:

WOW i didn’t know it was gonna be that easy :O

oksanax3101 says:

love it ;0

imacoolkiwi says:

it looked like it would be hard but it seems simple enough 🙂 im gonna try it 🙂

TaraLynnMeikle says:

This looks so easy to do! Thank you for uploading 🙂

InvaderZeraWarrior says:

Your sister is such a good little model! ^^ I like the video! Nice job!

VideoWatcher060275 says:

you make it look so easy!!!

savina952 says:

is so awesome

Houseisland98 says:

I Actually had this at my proom ! And I really loved it ! Got alot of nice comments ! 🙂
One thing, U really have to make sure the hair really is fixed up so it will last longer ! 🙂

safoora ali says:

OMG! my friends loved this

Lizeth C. says:

Wow, It looks so hard but it’s so easy!

Cynthia Padilla says:

ur awesome!

ohgeezitsLOVELY says:

I did this for a school formal dance and it turned out great!

Krysta Carney says:

Im Gonnna Try It. Its AWESOME

Lucia Garcia says:

That’s very pretty!

selena olalde says:

ur sis must be very lucky to have u LOL 🙂

Chipila15 says:


megden09 says:

i love ur comb where can i get one? haha x

2crazysingers101 says:

thumbs up if u saw her sis wave a hi

Taylor Gardippi says:


FlowerXXPetal says:

OMG ur like a WIZARD at hair!! Love it!

hannah mastoris says:

her n her sis r soooooo pretty!!! <3

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