Quick & Easy Gym Hairstyles

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I decided to show you guys a few hairstyles that I do when I go to the gym that are really quick and easy to do.

*P.S I kept forgetting which number I was on so I accidentally repeated the same number twice I think!?

*Songs in this Video In Order*
Leave My Heart Out Of This- Fifth Harmony
Ghost- Ella Henderson
Tightrope- Walk The Moon
I’m Ready- AJR

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Much Love XOXO


Rana Hsein says:

Her armpit is hairy

Jay W says:

Nice biceps!

Sukisana P says:

loved your ideas – going to try them now! Particularly enjoyed your outtakes!!

alza purple says:

Omg..her armpit is like a heaven

Jasmine Renee says:

Nice! Doing the second one today. One suggestion, maybe try doing the whole pose thing between hairstyles. Didn't get to see them really

meena kamboj says:

very nice thnks for sharing the video πŸ™‹

Elle Richardson says:

I like the last hairstyle best. It wouldn't really work well for me at the gym because the hair would stick to my back when I sweat and become very tangled during cardio.

mark man says:

The armpit tho

Grace Akins says:

Doesn't make sense she can't play soccer, you can't wear bobby pins in the game?

sari taylor says:

loved this hun

YoUr mOm says:

I realized it was 5h song on the intro

Tanya Renaissance says:

I love the last hairstyle. I'm gonna try it tomorrow

Anushka Dutta says:

it was quite easy and also looked good..

samina siddique says:

Wow! I didn't know this video was a tutorial on how to get hairy armpits.. JK!

Sida Xu says:

Can you tell us how you colored your hair ?

Julia Dabrowska says:

u used the boby pons wrong
ur supposed to put them the wavy side down.

Jaiden Hill says:

I love u!😍

Melissa Miramon says:

Me encanto el segundo peinado!

Nicole Holland says:

ill wear a ponytail

Florinda Martinez says:

are you native? love your hair! β™₯

rashid Diyanah says:

black armpit

Jana Amer says:

this was so helpful because in my school we always have to keep our hair up for the whole day because it's very hot where I live so thank you😊😊


why you are so beautiful?..

Daisy Pacheco says:

lmfao the first hairstyle was so pointless wtf

Russ says:

Love your video u look exotic as well,following u already now Muahhh all the bestπŸ€“

Desiree Castaneda says:

this realy helped meπŸ‘

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