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shadetabi says:

It would be so fun being that size and having to gain all the weight back . I would truly enjoy the process of going to buffets everyday and not worrying about watching what I eat. Literally eating all the cakes and cookies. I would regain in like 5 days tops.

Jasmine skye says:

Eugenia should block comments.

Shadow Space says:

Antonia qué haces aquí

Rainn-ny says:

You're so pretty I wish I looked like you

Be A Kyara says:

Pleas eat some girl You need food its much better😘😘

Tinis Lopez says:

que le paso a tus brazos por dios

carolina perez says:


Damian White-Graham says:


Aurora Cunningham says:

Omfg why is nobody getting her help i cant watch this shit

Vanicute 100 says:

The first one was stupid " puts hair behind ear" oh wow like I don't know how to do that already

Lia Pastohrias says:

"So yeah," as the peace sign is given for the hundredth time, then air quotes are incorrectly used AGAIN!

Cherish Song says:

She's so cute

Esperanza pop27 says:

emm …. I do not know how to say it mmm girl you are too thin you do not realize that you are dying little by little and that is not good porfabor is not for offending you must eat so that you have the weight that you must have only that I tell you if you do not make me home then nimodo is not my life, but I only say that you are slowly dying in front of your followers

you got no jams v.v says:

Guys this girl scared me into eating again, wth

fifimac says:

If you care about your followers ( young girls and boys ) way to thin! Stop making videos and get some help

Miku and Rin says:

She is probably doing this for attention even through she knows the hairstyles look really stupid. Instead she should get some help and stop doing those stupid videos for awhile.Then she could continue doing these "videos"

how bugga dies says:

Is she joking? Or is she srs I'm confulzed

Sophie Teasell says:

We should be saying goodbye becasue no one can be this underweight for too long. She's dying.

Diana Hernandez says:

Your hair is goals ❤️

Kat Hale says:

you are beautiful and so kind <3 if only more people could be like you

Roadhog S says:

Your making people ill 🤕🤒😷

Roadhog S says:

It's a shame because she won't listen I bet the most she's eaten in a day is small fries at McDonald

Hayleey says:

I want your face

Camila Olvido says:

Eres pincesa de ana o mia?

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