Prom or Wedding Hairstyles for Fine Hair

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Hi guys, tis the season for prom and weddings! Here are 3 hairstyles perfectly suited for attending prom or a wedding. No extensions needed because these are great for fine hair or any hair type 🙂 Let me know which is your favourite prom hairstyle or wedding hairstyle.

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Jagriti Sharma says:

i loved your videos thank uhh so these hairstyles 💝

Stefania Harbulakova says:

Thank you so much! No hairdresser could do a hairstyle I would like for the weddings becaus eof the type of my hair but the second fits me perfectly! I love how it looks. Im happy with the result for the first time in my life 😀 Now lets partyyy

Tovikali Chishi says:

Wow!! You have a perfect hair that I was searching. I have the same hair volume as yours. Thanks for the Video.

Heidi Cooling says:

I LOVE your videos!

P.S. what brand/color is your lipstick?

stephyclaws says:

Hairstyle 1 is so classy and beautiful 😍 I love that your hairstyle videos aren't overly complicated. Number 2 is so lovely! Ooo number 3 reminds me of the hair you could make with this loop thingy I had when I was a kid 😍 i really need to start doing fancy things with my hair… I'm ashamed to say it's either down, in a pony tail or sometimes I will twist a piece either side and take it to the back with a clip 😂 Your hair is always so gorgeous Erin! xx

Didem Nalcıoglu says:

Your hair models are wonderful 😍 Are you married? ☺️

Sandra Formen says:

Yessss thanks for doing this!! I am definitely going to use either the second or third one for my prom this Friday! 🙂

Joanna Duckett says:

These hair styles are just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

kimberley de Ridder says:

Got prom tomorrow and realized I hadn't chosen a hairstyle yet, thank you so much for the inspiration, I'll probably go with the high messy bun or the last one, also you are amazing, new subscriber 🙋🏽

Marian Russom says:

great video!!! can you give us a list of hair products you have found to REALLY work to make fine hair thicker or at least look that way. Shampoos through styling to hairspray etc….thanks so much!!!! Marian

Lisa Lala says:

Thank you for making these videos for fine haired girls like me! You are awesome ❤️

Emma says:

I love the 2nd Hairstyle.
I will try this soon <3

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