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Hello beautiful friends! You’ve asked, and you’ve asked, and you’ve asked… and we listened. Mimi is back on the Luxy Hair channel today showing you how she creates her go-to waves in her hair. This hairstyle is super simple and all you’re going to need is your curling wand, some time on your hands, and of course your clip-in Luxy Hair extensions if you choose to add length and volume to this hairstyle! Mimi is showing how to create these beautiful waves on both her natural hair and her Ombre Chestnut Luxy Hair extensions in 220g:

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If you’re not too familiar with clip-in hair extensions, take a look at this page that explains 10 reasons to choose clip-in hair extensions:

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Kriemhild Attila says:

Hi Mimi, I love your tutorials! You feature great hair styles!!! Could you do a viedo on hairstyles for hot summer days with the back of the neck exposed and without pinning the hair up? – I ask because I have very very very heavy and straight hair which I never get into any type of bun. It eighter falls down or it hurts because the bun is to heavy. In hot summer days I like to leave the back of my neck expsed, but the only braid I can think of is two pigtails at each side. But as I am now past 30 that looks rather odd (childish) and I would prefer something a bit more sophisticated but also simple. Do you have any ideas?

Медея Уридия says:

Hi, Mimi.. What is the brand of your curling wand? And could you write the size? Thanks

Cherry Sandhu says:

miss 😩😩😭😭u so much Mimi😘😘 u r back I am so happy yeahh!😀😀

Adriana Newby says:

👏👏👏👏👏 I love that Mimi is back. I love her tips and tutorials!!

Jordan Brackin says:

anybody know if this will turn out the same with the cone shaped curling iron??

Bev Roberts says:

What ever you wear, how ever you do your make up and your hair you always look beautiful.x

Julia Lopez says:

so glad mimi is back. i love when she does tutorials. 🙂

Tinka Grujić says:

Can you tell me what kind of hair wand do you use on this video?!

Nabanita Chakraborty says:

M sry, but I think u only wore one earring 🙂

Prithibi Kazi says:

😍😍😍i love you mimi

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