Men’s Short Hairstyles 2017 | SIMPLE, COOL & MASCULINE!

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Here are a couple Short Hairstyles that are MANLY yet Quick & Easy! I will be growing out my hair & providing you guys with more videos so definitely stay tuned by hitting that NOTIFICATIONS Button!

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Thanks & Mad Love, -dre drexler

X a n d e r – n e v e r l e t y o u g o
S e l e n a G o m e z T y p e B e a t – N e v e r B e T h e S a m e

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Beel 7 says:

I got the Ocean Clay and it works perfectly in my hair with the OGX mousse. Best clay I have ever used, and I have tried Claymation, Cavalier Clay, Morris Motley and many others. I have thin asian hair but its similar hair type to Dre, [straight and thin.] I am a Muslim and I know Dre is a Christian but I have huge respect; have to say you have good ethics, moral values and good motivational videos which is highly commendable. May God bless you. Jazāk Allāh.

Kyle Williams says:

Needed that message at the end bro… My parents have been having HUGE fights and it seems like a divorce is coming next… Just praying that God has his way.. I'm trying to stay positive and trust him..

Sezo 278 says:

Keep it up man

Lauren Pickett says:

I love the positivity bro. My mom is a negative person, shes always in a bad mood and complaining about something, but I don't let that energy bring me down. Oh and nice hair haha

azzam aji abizar says:

1 thing i always want to ask, how do you clean ur hair after u used those kind of foundation? But u said don't shampoo ur hair too often?

Amumu Nunu says:

Great video. Convinced me to give the Ocean Clay a shot and I've never had such an easy time getting my hair to cooperate. Not only was my hair simple to style the way I wanted it, but the overall textured look the clay created is just… perfection. I'm definitely a huge fan. Thanks for coming out with such a great product!

Oh, and it smells insane good.

Everygameking says:

loving the facial hair bro!!

Mr. McMan says:

Any recommendations on non comedogenic hair products?

Revisisland241000 says:

Also is Ocean Clay effective for thick hair?

Tanishq Kaushik says:

An amazing video, and I like the number 1 hairstyle 👌🏼it looks amazing

Victor Andersen says:

You look like the guy from blue mountain state

christian franco says:

Ugh sexy 😩😉

I tuk says:

all these look dope, but then i feel like you step outside and the wind hits it, and goodbye hairstyle
Also will the Shehvoo product will work on damp or wet hair? I don't use a blow dryer, and its impossible to towel dry to perfect dryness

Anonymous says:

Do you live in Arizona? The outside of your house looks like Arizona

Dhruv Hans says:

Dayumm man…you make it look so easy bro…xD
Gr8 video bro….I'm digging the ocean clay…gonna order it right after my exams

soo baro says:

is your hair natural straight or you straighten them?

Tom Churchill says:

He has clearly only used his product once or twice

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