Men’s Long Middle Part Hairstyle Tutorial | Men’s Long Hairstyles 2017

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A great style that can be used casually, in the gym or even at a formal event.

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Music provided by “La Musice” on Soundcloud, and is used under creative commons.


SilenT says:

Are you Cisco from the series of Flash? Kidding! :))
Nice hair men keep it growing! 🙂

RaisedUP2 says:

luscious long wavy hair man like it best when you wear it down part in middle or brushed to the side

cheveuxlongs1 says:

Very beautiful hair for a handsome guy !

RJ Carter says:

Always handsome….

Life & Death says:

bro, im letting my hair grow and its like yours.
Kind of wavy but i saw the front was straighted, i guess because u use a bun or something, but what would you do to straight ur back without heat?

help xD

Luv4Karpy says:

I don't think you should cut it, at least not yet. It looks amazing #3years cause why not. I'm going for at least 3 years or even double that. Next month on the 28th will make it 2 years for me.

akhil reddy says:

hey your hair looks awesome i have a question my hair is getting tangled at the ends what should i do?

Michael Wärn says:

Christopher i was wondering! If i remember right you said in one of your old videos that you and your sister growing out your hair for charity! If so how long do you intend to grow it out? Sorry for my bad english! 🙂 I probably remembered wrong!

Will Lee says:

Dope videos bruv. Keep it coming!

Eduardo García says:

Please share a hair routine or something like that. Looking good bro

Christopher Huddleston says:

Featuring my bald spot from when my head was cracked open as a kid 😅

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