Looking for the Best Long Hairstyles for Older Women? | Denise McAdam

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Finding the best long hairstyles for older women can be a challenge for exactly this reason. There just aren’t as many examples out there, compared to short and medium length hairstyles… Visit Sixty and Me: http://sixtyandme.com/looking-for-the-best-long-hairstyles-for-older-women/


sunseeker says:

great video everytime i go into the hairdresser they always try style me with the modern hairstyle until i tell them my age and then they cut it all off and it puts ten years on me i stop telling them my age when they ask .i think short hair can age a person as well it all depends on the bone structure of the face some young women with long hair looks to old for their age and very drawn you just have to find the right length and style for you because everyone is different just like clothes one size doesnt fit all

Rita Zant says:

for an older woman, the host needs to fix her bangs and layer up her hair a bit. She is pretty but the hair needs a little fixing.

Lynn Amidon says:

I have layered colored hair just below the shoulders. I tried short hair and it does not look good on me. I have noticed that through the years I absolutely have to take care of it more because just as I have found with my skin, it tends to be drier. My hair is in good condition. I use a good shampoo and conditioner and Argan oil to finish.

Hans Becker says:

“Age is irrelevant.  With long hair, a woman’s beauty is timeless.”

Kathryn Richards says:

I am 62 with snow white hair to my low back. Found birth family in 92 & great grandfather was full cherokee called "white hair." lol
Would love to see get it styled but leave long. Last time I had it cut & tried some color, I cried for 4 yrs lol. How do I find a hairdresser who knows how to do long hair?

Sandra Guajardo says:

I am looking for the list of recommended products to use. This is a great video, a great wealth of information.

Heddy Bell says:

I am in my sixties and I have long hair. Whilst I agree with most of this I would like to add that when long hair is COLOURED it can look ageing. I decided to stop colouring my hair about 4 years ago – and love the grey streaks which have appeared. Also – whilst I would never wear it 'hanging like curtains' as Denise mentions, I find that a simple Alice Band can make all the difference.

Avalon says:

Great video. I agree with the last post about a hair dresser that keeps my hair in cut that is going along with natural aging. I love long hair on me and on men. I usually get it cut with the layering in the front as she said and play with it by wearing a hat and sunglasses. That was a new one for me. Now I will play with it more too. I am currently single and it has been statistically noted that men like women more with long hair no matter the age….!

Kathleen Odorizzi says:

What a great informative video! Over the last 2 years I have grown my hair long after not having had it long since I was in my thirties. I am now 65 and I felt for a long time that it would be me pathetically trying to hang onto my youth if I had longer hair. I have obviously changed my thinking about that. Thank you, Denise for your insights about having long hair in our sixties. I also credit my own hairdresser with helping me have long hair, but having it be suitable for someone my age.

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