Look Emo in Minutes

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Hey guys 🙂 First video! This is a tutorial on how to transform your look to a more casual emo style you can do for school in just a few minutes on a low budget… I wouldn’t say that the look I’m going to show is as hardcore as it can get, but it’s practically just the emo look for dummies xD

Yeah I know it’s super derpy :3

Music by As I Lay Dying, the Used, Animals as Leaders, and Killswitch Engage 🙂
Rock on, guys!


Maria Soria says:

you don't look emo

Phil's face at mid sneeze says:

I'm a little on the fence about this cause I feel like if you were emo it would be helpful if you only had a few minutes and didn't have tons of time to do everything. But at the same time I don't like it because it's a sub culture but I also feel this way twords people who think it would just be cool to dress as a goth or a punk or any other alternative sub culture. And another thing that kind of gets to me is that she is basically acting like it's just some fun dress up thing when again it's an alternative sub culture not just something to play dress with.

BennyBoy8445 says:

Dude i only wanna see how to get that massively huge hair

supernatural is GOOD says:

love the music!!!!!!!

Chewy Moose says:

5:28 I can tell.

Not to be rude <3

Olivia Wisniewski says:

her hair is not emo srry…

Rachel Mank says:

I thought I was the only one who wore that many braclets

Mackenzie Clair says:

BTW no emo people wear hair bows dumdum

Mercy says:

I heard killswitch an died.

Morgan Matteson says:

Mcr fam where u at

That Gay bean says:

awesome job, you did really great. 🙂

sarah wayne says:

you look like a mental diseased.. not emo at all.. and emo isnt just style.

Eve Dempster says:

I would say first a black top and a flannel and skinny jeans make sure all black then get band tops and stuff

i_midnight l says:

my hair is already emo which is cool but you need to act emo not look like it!!!

Kayla Poyner says:

you look really beautiful and cool your makeup is awesome ^_^

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