Long Medium Hairstyles With Supermodel Janice Dickinson: Curly Wavy Hair Tutorial

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Janice Dickinson has her hair styled at the Hospital club in London, by celebrity hairdresser Stuart Phillips. Stuart styles Janice’s hair with curling irons…


xxcarolxannexx says:

<3 janice...

huey84uk says:

stiffy over her guns, so sexy

ExoticCalli says:

Great hairdresser.

But the client is obnoxious.

12MissFairy24 says:

she is snob or drunk?you did a great job though…

sharris999111 says:

How did you put up with Janice Dickinson and still concentrate on styling her hair! Lol, you must be good!

Dogbite Williams says:

Great biceps!

SarahDahl89 says:

Around 1:22 that girl in the background is picking her nose.

Shirley Green says:

I love Janice Dickinson and she obviously loves you Stuart. Fabulous hairdo. Looking forward to my next visit to London when I will book an appointment with you for myself.

MrGarynorman says:

She looks great Stuart…good job done!!
I will definately come in for a hair cut when next visiting London. Keep up the good work!!

morladron says:

I really like Janice Dickinson and loved what Stuart did to her hair. Great!!

TheOnlyMarmiteLlama says:

I love it!

Janice Dickinson is definitely right when she says you’re the best…

DrDubberDuck says:

She’s great, hair looks good

tatiana9991 says:

Stuart I see you style lots of Celebrities, Janice is one of my favourites!!
Thanks for showing the footage

taylor leigh says:

Oh my gosh, I love her! You’re so lucky.
Please tape more(:

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