Long Hairstyle Haircut to Medium Length Hairstyles (With Layers)

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Long Hairstyle Haircut to Medium Length Hairstyles (With Layers)

—How to cut layers in longer hairstyles and make it look great. Be sure to watch the medium haircut all the way to the end to see how cute this haircut has turned out. Cutting layers is not always the easiest thing to do. Watch RaDona cut this cute little girls hair with ease and simplicity.

What a super fun hairstyle to perform. As we show in our video, the hair was originally long and in need of a haircut.

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Jaime Gary says:

Is this your new studio? I thought you were building a new home? 🏡

Jessa Nae says:

Can you do a younger boys stylish cut soon please?!

Warr En says:

She is a young girl …who doesn't need poofing…I didn't like the cut or your cutting techniques

MeL R. says:

That girls gum chewing was distracting

meibi miliori says:

thank you .I apiciate too much your job and your way of doing things . IHave followed your video thank you

Lisa Fanucchi says:

You look like Pink!

Sheree McGinnis says:

Hi! How about a video on styling your hairstyle. Ifs really cute that way. Thanks!

Annelie De Jesus says:

Thank you great video!!! Your hair is so awesome. Please do a styling video 😍😍😍

lauri leblanc says:

pretty! her hair looks so much thicker and healthier cut like this. frames her face nicely!

Loraine Davis says:

I love your work, and I think you are such a nice person to your clients!

Sharon La Tour says:

So cute RaDona! looks good on her!

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