Indian, Pakistani, Asian Bridal Hair Style Tikka & Dupatta Setting Tutorial Wedding Hairstyles

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KIM golmei says:

You have done the perfect job I really love it

Sunaina Mishra says:

nice video please upload some office hair style and also upload a video to how to set saree Pallu

Yasmin Saddique says:

hi hafsa
I subscribed to your channel when u uploaded your first video and have been a regular viewer. it has been while since you last uploaded. where r u? whens the next video coming waiting in anticipation

Piyush S says:

Amazing! Can we have make up and hair style for mature women?

Shobha Rathore says:

simply the best bridal hairstyle.

Shobha Rathore says:

very inspirational n nice juda hairstyle .Just loved it.

monika rai says:

Awesome !!!! Loved the hairstyle..!!

letchumi nadarajah says:

Awesome video, pls do some tutorial on south indian bridal hairstyle with konda n jadai. thank u.

momata monteha says:

Do a indian bridal makeup tutorial..

jsrk11 says:

do the U shaped pins to pin the dupatta leave holes in the fabric???

Maryam Naeem says:

very nice demonstration..Please share this same hair style tutorial without using hair extension..

Neda Naseem says:

It's a heck of a load on your head😋

shu u says:

more hair tutorials pleasseee 😁 this was brilliant. also where is UR hair ententiom from n what's it called? x

charlie chakir says:

its a shame that you have ur hair done up so beautiful then cover it. does it come off after the ceremony so then people can see the pretty hair?

maria cummings says:

Wow! Amazing!
Please do more hair tutorials. There are too many makeup tutorials on YouTube and not enough hair.
Thanks for uploading.

Mickaylla Anderson says:

Makes me wish I was a part of this culture!

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