How to: Side Dutch Braid Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair Tutorial

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Hey guys, this is a dutch braid which is basically an inverted french braid.
Hope you give this hairdo a try! Let me know how it turns out!

xo, Nee

Basic dutch braid tutorial:

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Enjoy and good luck! Remember it does take some practice.

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White Cupcake says:

Thanks love♡ Very cute! So basically it's just a upside down regular french~braid! Awesome!

Mikaela Mangila says:

I love her tutorials so much

kida villena says:

this will take me forever to get used to the technique but i figure practice makes perfect since i love how it looks

Janine says:

Thanks so much!!

I've being wanting to do this for ages!!!!!!!!!! <3<3 xx

Fara Kasimovo says:

I love it, love it, love it <3

Shedidthat M says:

This tutoriwl was very helpful Thank you

lovelylisa010 says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial!

Nida Jones says:

This was posted in my birthday yay!i feel special lol

Isabel Pumphrey says:

That's so pretty Im so going to try that!

Margo Watson says:

how do you make your hair grow longer?

minekitty3303 says:

i find it funny that until last sumer i didnt know how to braid but my friend taught me how to dutch braid and now i cant braid normally. i learned like that so it is phisically imposible for me to braid normally

Deedee Marie says:

nice , thanks for the video . 🙂

molly earp says:

i usually do that but with two braids starting from the frount.

toni ouyang says:

you must have so many styles to wear at school! Im jealous! How did u learn to do all of them?

Lorie Lopez says:

I'm going to try this with my hair. It's just always so damn hard because my hair is very fine. Thanks. Wish me luck.

Alina Padrezas says:

don't you hate when you're hair is so long and you are braiding it and you're arms start burning and they feel like they are going to fall off? lmfao.

Flora Winx says:

wait so dutch braid is like a backwards braid??

bobby velisar says:

My hair is thin and oily :(( so what I have to do for being almost like your after styling ?

tink bell says:

Love it viedos

Belle Littel says:

This video is the reason i know how to do a dutch braid, Thank You!!

imalovesyouxxx says:

i can do this :c i wish my hair was like yours

Tasya says:

I wish my hair was longer .-.

Lana Killeh says:

this is a really good one i love it but i still think it looks Georges without puffing at the end

Danii800 says:

so a dutch braid is a inverse french braid?!?! i have known how to this for a while now!

cookies mouse says:

i use to think a dutch braid was a french braid .lol brother flaut he tought me how in the first place .but soo cool

cookies mouse says:

i use to think a dutch braid was a french braid .lol brother flaut he tought me how in the first place

Priyanka Kapre says:

its really cute and fab thanks for this tutorial 🙂

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