How To: Messy Updo

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How to style a messy updo at home or in the salon! Curls, bobby pins, and your fingers are all you need to create this sultry look.


Seattle Seller says:

He has nice shoulders.

Sohail Khan says:

It's easy for learning

Rosa Maria Share says:

Loved the easy explanations.

Gloria Manuel says:

Loooove your demo!

Laxmi Ranni says:

very nice mam……….

Kat Rad says:

Can I ask the difference in the bobby pin trick vs. just wrapping with an elastic? The benefits? Beautiful video!

Lilia says:

Guau, que hermoso y creativo. Gracias por enseñar

Elsa Canelon says:


namir awadh says:

i did not like it it looks like a chicken played with it and it makes the model face looks bigger and longer

Vicky Shaw says:

I know that this is totally random my last name as you can see is Shaw. What really got me is when my MIL got divorced she chose the last name (drum roll please!) ……. Jamison! Okay end of random thought.😁

Stephanie McKinney says:

Great tutorial!!!!! thank you!

kylee brooke says:

I. Love. Your. Hair you are a good hair doer

Donna Dodd says:

Hooray for a style that works.. I love it.

Miley Milner says:

I love love love this hair do

Kat Grim says:

The blonde girl's eyebrows. Teach me! D:

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