How To: Easy Wavy Hairstyle Tutorial | Medium Length To Long

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How To: Easy Wavy Hairstyle Tutorial | Medium & Long Wavy Hairstyle
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Hey guys! Hope you’re having a great day! I filmed this Easy, Wavy Hairstyle Tutorial love the Holidays and had plans to upload it sooner then decided to upload other videos I was working on instead LOL =) This beachy hairstyle I think looks very similar to what my natural hair looks like when I don’t style it like I normally do, straight with loose waves. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more quick and easy hairstyle tutorials from me!

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-Hairmosa Kit:

-Treseme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray:

-Garnier Fructis Anti Humidity Hairspray:

-Organix Renewing Argan Oil:

-BigSexyHair’s Powder Play:

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Hi! My name is Sarah and I love creating new videos every week!
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Izzy14ak Parkour says:

Hi Sarah,I couldn't comment on your how to get Twitter follows video so I'll say it on this one, So one thanks for the advice I don't know if it will help me but it's worth a shot, two I just subscribed to your channle and I am following you on twitter sooo please follow me back 🙂 and three you are the BEAUTIFULIST women I have ever seen fr….but thanks again for the advice and keep up the good work Peace

Dr.pushpa Devendra says:

I liked it a lot

Sebastian Francis says:

Dita Von tutorial please!!!

Dora Gamez says:

U look like demi levoto

Yana says:

Yes! I've always wanted to learn how to do that vintage style!

Kat Hernandez says:

this is how my natural hair looks like haha i wish i had straight hair, mine is too frizzy

?¿Unknøwn¿? //Edits and møre\ says:

I tried this and it just made my hair super flat and it poked like lasagna noodles in a way.

Amasia Hilbert says:

In the beginning it says heatless hairstyles but then the first hairstyle she does involves heat?

Brooke McCarthy says:

why is it called medium to long, it's short😕

maneesa stha says:

I have da hair just like urs and finally I got da video for my kinda hair luv u

Crainer& TheaAreMyFav says:

Mines naturally curly but not like that, it's like frizzy but really curly and tangled


Whts your haircut?

Megynn Webb says:

I've tried this 3 times now and my hair looks awful and "bent". I have a Wal-Mart straightener. do you need a nice one for this?

SuperAquamarineXOXO says:

Just did this to my hair today. It was soooo pretty !

ItsGrace says:

I loved this video sooooo much!!!!! It is gonna be soooo helpful when I go to the beach! Thank you soooooo much! New subscriber♥️!

cherry's joke says:


Tiosha Hood says:

I have frizz problems with my hair so do you have any tips to get rid of my frizz? Also, I have a part and I've had it so long it doesn't really go away. How do I get rid of that so it can just fly and still look good?

Lori Stark says:

OMG! That was an awesome video. Thank you so much for sharing this technique with us!

Gaby Cortez says:

why won't my hair look wavy

Eunice Sanchez says:

Thank you!! in fact my hair is how you got it at the end of the video, and you gave me a very good idea of how to manage it, 😀 thanks!!

Baby Nana says:

when your hair is already like what she did with a flat straightener!! 😂😂

mikayla penn says:

you are really pretty

Arushi katyal says:

Can we use coconut oil instead of the one u were using???

Faith Wood says:

I love your hair so much

Abbay says:

When you go to the salon, how do you ask for your haircut?

LPSMissO says:

What kind of haircut do you ask for?

Jules says:

Interesting 🤔 Looks easy. I'll try it. If it works I'll subscribe ✌🏼😋


using the straightener to do that is really cute and looks fun to do

Scarlet Blue says:

I have natural wavy hair… But at first it was really straight but then when I cutted it really short it turned wavy…

Chloe Narrisse Amisola says:

what camera do you use?

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