How to Cut Boys Medium Hairstyles To (Short Hairstyles)

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How to Cut Boys Medium Hairstyles To (Short Hairstyles)
—Watch Radona cut a Boys short, Stylish, messy dry look, hairstyle. She cut it from a medium sized cut to a shorter boys haircut.

She used KMS add volume mousse and a style with Joico Flex control hold 07.

This is a classic short boys hairstyles and haircuts. RaDona makes them look easy and simple. Be sure to watch all of the video to the ending to see this amazing medium to short haircuts and hairstyles by RaDona’s hair styles and cuts.

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Jessa Nae says:

Your clippers subs as bad as mine lol! My son freaks about it!

Highlight World says:

I wanna get a buzz but don’t know what do you suggest??

James Beverly says:

Hey Radonna 😀 when are you getting haircut ? You need some change after years of that haircut 😀 don't get me wrong 😀 all the best

Eileen Davis says:

He is handsome little boy.

clbrinkerhoff says:

What a Beautiful little boy!! Love the look on him!!! 😍

rock Roca says:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Also I want to ask you if you can make a tutorial on how to cut men's top hair and how to blend it with the side with shears, please and thank you again

phyllis burke says:

Such a nice haircut!

Robina's tips says:

He's adorable and so well behaved. Nice cut!

Keita Lara says:

He looks so much cuter with his haircut

Boys And Girls Hairstyles says:

Here is a fun video cutting medium sized hair to more of a short messy style, We hope you like it!

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