How to Create a MERMAID HEART Braid | 2019 Valentine’s Day Hairstyles

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I hope you guys are ready for another DARLING hairstyle tutorial that’s perfect for #Valentine’sDay! Heart hairstyles are seriously some of my favorite looks to create. They’re so easy, and they look so cool! What do you think of Kilee’s beautiful, blonde hair??

I love this time of year, because I get to play with so many different #heart hairdos. You guys have to trust me when I say they look SO much more difficult to create than they actually are! In addition to being easy to create, they are also very versatile. I would create this style on any of my kids (ages 7-19), or even myself. Anyone can pull off this look! ❤️

Step 1: Step 1: Pull the hair up into an elastic (start about an inch above the ear), and wrap hair around the elastic to hide it.

Step 2: Thread a topsy tail upside down, and pull the ponytail through it. (You can use your hands, but the topsy tail makes it easier!)

Step 3: Flip the topsy tail, and pull the ponytail through (towards the ceiling).

Step 4: Divide the ponytail into 2 even sections.

Step 5: Starting on the right section, begin to stitch a normal, 3 strand braid. Create 3 stitches.

Step 6: Begin to pull small pieces from the front of her hair into the braid (only adding in to the right side). Do this 4 times.

Step 7: Continue a normal 3 strand braid down the ponytail.

Step 8: Repeat steps 5-7 on the left section of hair.

Step 9: As you get to the end of the left section braid, join the two braids together. Secure with an elastic.

Step 10: Fluff up the top of the braids to really accent the shape of the heart (only the top stitches).

Step 11: Secure the heart with a bobby pin to help it pop up even more!

Items Needed: Elastics, topsy tail & bobby pin (if desired)

Time Requirement: 10-15 minutes

Skill level: Medium

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💋’s -Mindy

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Cute Girls Hairstyles says:

Do you guys like these Valentine’s Day heart hairstyles?? Comment below! 💋's -Mindy

Erika Ibañez says:

Hermosa me gustó mucho, muchas felicidades, y las gemelas dónde están

Mckenna Maxwell says:

Wow Kilee's hair is so pretty!!!!

Summer Minnie1 says:

Love this hairstyle

Tia-Mary Yates says:

I love all your videos but I need more with paisleys type of hair. My niece has the same hair and she loves when I style it but I don’t know much on her hair type

Aanya Shah says:

can u guys do more hairstyles with short hair!?!?!?!

Sai Varsha Prakash says:

Wow that's perfect! I wish I was this good at doing hair. I love her hair.

W A D H A . says:

ليتك تترجمين بالعربي ):

Elena Benini says:

MINDY but… what about a GET READY WITH ME??? I love your look: your hair and makeup… would you like to do it????

linda melhem says:

Very beautiful heart hairstyle

Madiha Nadeem says:

Awww kylie is sooo cute and her hair is beautiful and long just like rupanzal 🥰😍❤️💕

rakhee sri says:

She has beautiful hair
Hairstyle looks beautiful

Muaro Loarca says:

I am good at hairstyles because of you ,you are so inspirational my cousins ask me to do their hair.

All In One says:

So cute… Love it 😍😍

Michelle Li says:

I love the hairstyle

Odaly Portillo says:

Omg it is so cute I really hope I can do this because I am having a school dance at my middle school this video is going to help A LOT

Anastacia says:

Can u do some hairstyles on people that don’t have straight hair?? Bc I have really thick wavy curly hair so this would never work for me😂😂

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