Homecoming Prom Bridal Wedding Hair Tutorial l Beautiful Hairstyles for Medium Long Hair

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Here’s an cute and easy hair tutorial on 2 beautiful hairstyles for medium shoulder-length or long hair. This tutorial is also great for straight, wavy, curl…


x3Haha says:

Are you ready for #Homecoming? Here are 2 beautiful #hairstyles that you
can try! (: The first is a #downdo (a princess look) and the second is an
#updo (a queen look). Which one would you try? (:

x3Haha says:

Hello lovelies!! (: The last month has been insanely busy for me, and I
miss you all so much!! ;___; I finally got around to finish a homecoming
hair tutorial for you. I hope you’ll like these elegant and romantic
hairstyles for any special occasions. If you try them out, don’t forget to
#x3Haha to share them with me! <3

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TUMBLR ✉ http://x3Haha.Tumblr.com

Joanna Roberts says:

I enjoyed your tutorial on styling short hair can you do more
tutorial because I have short or medium hair that is permed.

MusicNotes113 says:

not used to your new colour yet xD back to the dark side I see! you look
awesome as always. this is yet another amazing tutorial, and i really want
to try it. Buuut I just got my hair cut to just above my shoulders, cause
it was bugging me and not doing what it was told when it was sitting on my
chest. xD hope you are well and everything is going well. remember a set
back is just a challenge, another hurdle for you to jump over, to make you
even stronger than before. x

Akiza says:

I’m loving your new hair color. What color and brand did you use?

Rebecca noonan says:

I looove the berry colour your hair is. Im going a berry colour too soon.
Not sure what brand to get because my hair is naturally dark brown !

maeic19671 says:

Idk why did you dye your hair but this color really suits you

AdorkableTragedy says:

Did you dye your hair!? :D

Isabelle Kruger says:

First off your hair color is absoloutly STUNNING! and second this hairstyle
is just gorgeous I must try this :D

GetInspiredWithArt says:

Sailor moon meatball head tutorial please! and also SAILOR V hair tutorial!

HerroKerushii says:

yay new video!! i missed you! thank you for making a new video~ i was busy
last month too >< i lose these elegant hairstyles and i want to try the down-do! so beautiful!! <3

destiny smith says:

What colour is your hair?!? It’s so pretty!

Sara Isan says:


HugsAreBeast says:

Your hair looks really lovely :3 I might do this when my hair is longer :3
and am invited to a party xD

Julia Adams says:


Linh Nguyen says:

you should do more downdo for formal dances!!! thank you

Laura Flohr says:

Love it! But I really love your dress!!!!!! Where did you get it from???
Love to buy one too

sara sparrow says:

lovely hair color…how can i dye my hair?they r pure black…

Elena Solis says:

U haven’t posted any more videos

Destiny Godwin says:

How do you get such long beautiful hair!? ❤❤❤

pixie says:

the updo is so elegant 😀 

Naz Hipni says:

I absolutely love how youtube fame hasnt gotten to you. I love that you
still go out and live your life, with youtube as your side interest. Oh and
the hairstyle in this video was super elegant and you looked as gorgeous as
always. Cheers xxxx

AhaItsEmalei says:

Ahhh im always so late to your videos now ;_; but this was amazing, i loved
both hairstyles especially the second one where you are able to transform
it to a bun so easily cx seeing your beautiful hair i think i’ll grow my
hair out long like yours, its just too pretty cx i hope for your next video
you can do more beautiful hairstyles or your fashion inspired by >u< have a nice day and thanks!!! <3

Gail D'Mello says:

I watched your video it’s amazing I’m totally going for the down do…

Addict says:

Is your hair naturally straight? Its really pretty! ^-^

Hey Anne says:

Loove ur new hair color!!! Can u share what u used? 🙂 ive been eyeing red
burgendy hair color this fall and ur new hair looks prefect!

Cat Tong says:

(。♥‿♥) love these sooooo much 

Yanniie Mee says:

I love your new hair color! What product did you use?

sandragustaf says:

I’m graduating next year and it would be great if you could do a hairstyle
that works great with a hat on! Love your tutorials btw <3

JuneGirl says:

Hi +x3Haha my sister is pregnant so I’m hosting her baby show and I don’t
really know what to wear or how to do my hair for it. I’m like so lost and
I could really use your help the show is gonna be at the end of November.
BTW I loved the hair styles very cute and easy!!! 🙂 

Miko Miyamoto says:

We don’t have homecoming in Britain and I’ve just had my prom. Would have
loved to use these hairstyle though

Jeslin says:

did you live in singapore before?

Barbara Pro says:

I would like to see a no heat curls tutorial for back to school. I love
your channel !!!

Janette JanetteJanette says:

I love your videos so much <3

Kiona fuller says:

Both hairstyles are beautiful 🙂
I am having a University interview soon and i was wondering what hairstyle
would you recommend? x 

Yamilette Ramirez says:

Can you do a flapper hair tutorial for Halloween

Balie.pedro Alexander says:

I like the up-do better but they’re both really pretty!!! Love em!

Traine Saya says:

Your hair is beautifull. Your dress is adorable. Your hairstyle soooo cute
and you r the best of all. Love you

Amy Tang says:

i like the down-do more but they’re both really pretty! i mite use this for
next year’s homecoming :)

Shan McSpazatron says:

You’re getting prettier and prettier. ^w^v Hope this will make your day as
pretty as you. 

Linda Darling says:

Sooooooo sweet!!!!! U make the best hair tutorial !

mrxiaotutu says:

omg this was so pretty and can you do more of these. 

turquoise32 says:

I love to try these hair styles to my sister cause I’m not that good when I
do them to myself
Can do some more quick hair styles for school? I’m totally in love with
them ;D

iiheartsyouu says:

Darn it >.< my dance already passed. Sigh.

Linda Tjagvad Kristiansen says:

Love the first one…….would like to try but my hair is really curly,
frizzy and thick……and ofcorse not as long as yours….but I keep
growing it…..
Thank you for another beautiful tutorial ;-)

Tasha Soto says:

Love both! Your hair dos are always so pretty and easy!

hypsens88 says:

I am in love with your hair color! What did you use?! 

yumika43 says:

Beautiful hairstyles as always ! :D<3 Please do more videos !

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