Hairstyles for Round Faces Dos and Donts

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Hey guys! This is a video on hairstyles for round faces dos and donts that make your face look slimmer. Some of these hair styles look abit stupid because ive tried to give you a visual representation with my hair instead of random pictures! Also, what works for me, may not work for you but I’m just showing you comparisons that you may want to try out. Hope you find it useful xx

How to make your face look slimmer (makeup dos and donts)

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Die heart fan of parth Samthaan says:

My face is bigger than your face so thanks and no thanks😧
Btw nice video

Shelby l says:

I can't tell if i look good without bangs or not lol i just want to put my hair up without bangs and not look like a sphere

Kat Evans says:

You've just changed my life

Guadalupe Rodriguez says:

You actually look better with your hair back

Angel Unicorn says:

Apparently people with round faces look good with a short hairstyle and I can say for sure most people I know with round faces look cute with short hair😍😍😍👍

Miniel Angel says:

OMG…the more i m watching such videos..the more i m getting confuse…
This is totally opposite…from..other videos….🤔🤔

Aisha Ali says:

Middle parting is very not suitable for round shape face. Shoulder length hair and layered makes a round face more smaller and femine. And a bang just at the eyebrow length side parted is the good style. This lady don't know any style for round face

Sintija Rudene says:

Why long and not wide faces are considered more attractive 🙁

Jessica says:

"The fringe stops at the cheeks area."
Me: Im pretty sure the fringe stops at your eyebrows but okay

RobynnexPaula says:

This was sooooooo HELPFUL!!! thank you thank you Tima! <3

Liz Álvarez Llamas says:

I've been using my hair for years literally just like she said, and it's amazing the difference it makes, so you should try it and compare pictures before saying that it is wrong. Great video btw😉💕

Thor Romero says:

I actually think these were pretty good tips. Thanks!

Prizzilla says:

I have the struggle of a round face with a big forehead so I can’t part my hair in the middle lol

Madonna Atef says:

I think you have more of a mixed face between round and oval face

Love Kai says:

very nice video for round face like me

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