Hairstyles for long hair. Updo hairstyles. Wedding bridal hairstyle.

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My second channel with hairstyles! My first channel My channel with drawings- …


womenbeauty1 says:

Full Video! 

سحر الشرق says:

تسريحه شعر أنيقه وجذابـه للمناسبات

hanifa bibi says:

hi. your hsir styles us very beautiful . csn u pls yell me where I can buy
or get the train ing head with shoulder from. Please please . Thank you
Very much.!

Liuda r says:

подскажите длину волос вашего манекена

PrettyOne ☺ says:

Art ♥

Mouna Mekkaoui says:

So beatiful bravo 🙂

Erin Passion says:

Thank you for this video !! Its very interesting and beautiful !!

MissVersaStyles says:

I stumbled upon your channel and can’t get enough of your videos. I am a
hairstylist as well but we never stop learning! keep posting videos LOVE
THEM!!! xoxoxo

maraam2001 says:

Very nice!!!

Babina Shrestha says:

Is this real human hair meniken head where can buy this how much it cost
can u tell me plsss.nd hair bun too..

Toni Hernandez says:

Blessing beautiful work where do get the piece of hair net to add to updo?

Avenia Patrick says:

I love and enjoy all of your videos ! i was wondering where i can get the
stuffed net you use for the bottom of the hair. thank u !

JBlitchy says:

I really enjoy watching you create. You are very talented and your videos
are such great training and inspirational tools. Thanks for posting them!

anjaba15 says:

Thanks a lot

Beautiful Hairstyles says:

Where did they get the doll’s head. I think the doll beautiful and so one
would like to have but I’ve never found one of those.

doyin awolaja says:

Please where did you get your mannequin from

ninniekat says:

Sooo beautiful! You’re real artist

Shefa canada says:

thank for re post the full video 

Patricia Pereira says:


Muslimah Chic says:

fantastic ^_^

flwrgirl1 says:

Gorgeous. Thank you so much for all the videos. You are really talented.

vopsitproaspat says:

did you use a crimper first? which model?

Farzana Karim says:

I love to watch your videos, Thank to share your skills.

Dina Dino says:

I love it <3

Selene Aportel says:

I loved

Chris Breault says:

I want this hairdo!

Liuda r says:

очень красиво

Toni Hernandez says:

Blessing beautiful work where do get the piece of hair net to add to updo?

anjaba15 says:

Hello, what spray do you use for every single hairpart? Thanks in advance,

Nusia says:


madjennsy says:

very elegant!

Maria Ingmar Sandoval says:

so lovely!

Priya Mankodiya says:

what kind of a mannequin is that? love all your work!!

Inêssa Alves says:

You’re amazing!!!! kisses from brazil 

zhujun lin says:

You have a pair of magic hands!

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