Haircut Tutorial – Medium Length Layers Hairstyles

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Haircut Tutorial – Medium Length Layers Hairstyles
—What are the best methods when cutting medium length layered hairstyles? Watch how we cut, style and provide a beautiful layered medium haircut.

In this video, Radona takes long damaged hair and cuts it into a cute medium length style with layers. Because of the natural curl in Belle’s hair, RaDona used Scruples Smooth Out to help tame down any frizz and curl. You’ll want to use a bigger round brush on the natural curly hair to help it dry more straight. Flat iron each section after you dry it.

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Tigist Seleshi says:

Good job you don't even need the flatiironed it looks good with round brush so her hair don't need all that heat

xquisitTL says:

WOW! You didn't butcher this girls hair….like you did the kids hair cutes…..

cara g says:

This has to be the most professional of the tutorials I've seen. Great cut and excellent technique. Wish every child could experience a great cut like this.

SephoraMAC says:

Wonderful and Thorough explanation. Thanks so much!

Libelula Azul says:

Te pareces a jenni rivera la diva amiga

hoa chau says:

Radona, I like all your videos because they are very to understand. I would like to ask if you could make a video for Lisa Rinna haircut please. Thank you.

Keja Depeiza says:

She likes to cut it does be cut when she cuts so it's okay

Diane Frandsen says:

Radona,  All your videos are great!  Easy to follow and remember.  Thanks for your work.

Karie S. says:

Hi RaDona!  Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!!  I love that your videos are still kept simple but descriptive, and please, whatever you do, don't start adding snippets of yourself playing in the snow, etc!  You're still my favorite to watch because you're not a narcissist…like most of the stylists that do You Tube videos! Haha!

Nina Vennettilli says:

very nice.  your a great make  it look so easy. 

HeadHome says:

Hi, what's the reason for putting her head down whilst cutting?

BrightBlue1111 says:

Great! 🙂 I would love to see medium/long hair cuts with shorter layers 🙂 

Babina Shrestha says:

Niceee thanks you very much for video.

Trenelle says:

I love how you upload FULL videos. it's nice to see every step without fast forwarding! great video xoxo

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