Haircut Tutorial – Medium Length Layers

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Medium Length Layered Haircut


This medium layered length haircut is the perfect for any aged woman! It has great shape, isn’t too short or too long, and will grow out well. The haircutting demo is explained step by step so you can learn to do it yourself!
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Lip's gloss says:

I need a haircut so bad wish he could cut it around my house nobody know how cut hair sis styles but she Faraway this is a beautiful haircut

Rodi Planck says:

nice, nice, nice!

Krisdina Jutras says:

This is perfect! Turning 51 tomorrow, and just needed something fresh, and new. Can't wait!

Christy Beltem says:

I know this is late but I'm looking into going into cosmetology when I'm old enough and I was wondering where you got your mannequin? I want to practice and need a cheap but good mannequin. Any suggestions?

Zoe Gatti says:

Thank you SO much! this helped me so much 🙂

Marce says:

Lucky as mannequin lol

Juli Julie says:

Ah tidak lah masalah botak ini kvau

Juli Julie says:

Jaga jaga melihat contoh rambut

Juli Julie says:

Takut juga pendek dan tak cntik

Juli Julie says:

Jngn kcau rambut patung tu

Tamarra Gelenidze says:

I'm watching this before I cut my mom's hair… wish me luck …:))))))

Jeremy Meehan says:

Not gonna lie, i reckon i could knock one of these out pretty easy. I cut my girlfriends hair last night, never cut hair before or watched any video how to's, but turned out pretty damn good. I'm a bricklayer, i've got a good eye for level, lines etc

Cassandra says:

Wow this helped me so much! Thank you

Jenesis zapata says:

I love how he didnt cut so much length and just cleaned it up and blended. A lot of hair stylist get scissor happy

Jenesis zapata says:

That shit looks great

Angela Pinel says:

Very beautifully done, thank you ✂️✂️

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