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Hi lovelies! On our channel, we have been introducing hair routines for different hair types. This week’s video features Karin, who shares her hair routine for long, fine hair, and her ultimate tips for keeping it strong and healthy. If you have a similar hair style, we’re sure you’ll find this video super helpful. What’s your hair type? Let us know in the comments below!


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Araceli Estrada says:

I watched this because I have really long hair it's a lot longer than hers but after watching the video I noticed her hair looks pretty bad to be giving people hair advice…. When my hair starts looking like hers I know it's time for a serious trim. It looks dry and frizzy because it's so dry. And all those products she used didn't make her hair look any better. This was just a fail to me. Lol

Punitha_a_gowda says:

Straight but frizzy hair 😭😭😭

Eda Balta says:

My hair so so so bad Never cant be long Pleasee what can i do

Arham Marham says:

Amazing hair … would u please make video on how to treat freezy and damaged hair ???? Dis will be really helpful 4 me ….. please

Clara Q says:

So helpful!

goodjoja says:

My tip is not to use a towel, but a cotton t shirt for the hair. It will be less frizzy

Elghazouani Imane says:

My hair is exactly like your hair soo long and straight
I use natural shampoo and conditioner
And also natural oils

David Miyahara says:

Um iron can brake it be careful

Alma M says:


Erika Riccio says:

This step are good also for Oily hair?
I'm sorry if i have been wrong some words, but i'm italian❤️
Anyway, you have a beeeeeeautiful hair, i'm i love it😍

Rhea varghese says:

Wow!! Nice video

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