HAIR HACKS | for fine and thin hair

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This video I’m going to be sharing 3 different tricks and styles you can do to make your fine hair look like it has a little more volume!

E xx
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Nikka says:

I have thin hair and some bleach damage but once my hair grows out I'll try this! Do you have any straightener recommendations for fine hair to reduce damage?

James Cuzzybro says:

Hi can you turn me into a girl please

LoveofVelvet says:

OMG thank you so much!!! I have also such fine hair just like yours!!! It's so frustrating to me when ppl call their hair fine and do hair tutorials but their hair is never like mine!! Theirs is fine but full!!
So thank you for such gorgeous simple and easy hair styles!! I've literally given up on styling my hair!!

Rylee Hates You says:

My hair is so fine that pins don’t stay in at all

Valentina Moro says:

If you have fine hair you should see mine

samatha Phillip says:

i am so glad that i found your vids

Kathryn Smith says:

This is probably going to sound stupid but it's so hard to style my hair because my air conditioning doesn't seem to work in my bathroom and I get all sweaty with the hair dryer and curling iron. Phew…

Justin Grazulis says:

Thumbs up on providing me new ways to style my daughters hair!

Leslie Lathrop says:

my hair is definitely thinner than yours.. a year of wearing tape in hair extensions.. but definitely taking things from this


wtf she has so much volume ? mine is so thin that it literally lays flat on my head like paper on a table

El Brayan says:

She reminds me of Marina Joyce

hey elle says:

I have fine hair. It is not thin. It is about waist length. Doing leave in braids or some type of curls and air dry WOW. Like i have a ton of hair. It can be tough being fine and hippie straight.

hayley s says:

WIsh I had half as much hair as you.

Loveday and Cleo says:

I swarw any hair style suits me

Sonia LovesAsanas says:

The hair accessory style would be great if I didn't have a more flat head. The headband would pop right up after awhile :/

Emily Farmer says:

Why is it every time I part my hair to the side it's always puffy and very very ugly but when other people do it, it adds volume and looks perfect on them


Ekta Saikia says:

My hair type sucks so bad! Its thin, fine and overly silky. Bad combination. I can't tie it up for long coz it causes headaches, can't use bobby pins or hair clutches at all. There's no hope for me😞

Koshiba says:

Number 1 I like thank you

marie Hammons says:

How so you deal with humidity? I have to wear a hat most of the summer because my hair falls flat and frizzles out.

Lithostoic says:

Thank you! My hair is thin but not fine, I have a hard time finding cute hairstyles.

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