French pull through/split braid ❤ Easy medium/long hair tutorial, frisuren für lange haare

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Welcome to another quick and easy hair tutorial for everyday, without heat! In this video I’ll show you step by step how to create and easy cute voluminous false french braid. It’s a boho chic split braid (some call it pull through braid) for short, medium and long hair (or medium length hair with extensions). This is a last minute hairstyles that can be done if you’re running late. It can be done in 5 to 10 minutes (unless you decided to apply heat to straighten or curl your hair). You can also wear it for special events such as a wedding party, as a wedding guest, bride, bridesmaid, for prom, homecoming, graduation.

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Angela Biotrucco says:

Fabulous! 🌹

Sadaf.saleem 7love says:

very nice 👍 good

bomb jatti says:

I really like your hairstyle

Charlotte Knight says:

I LOVE THIS! Can I do this hairstyle with textured/wavy hair as well?

Cheryl Dick says:

Can you please tell me which video editer do you use please

Lisha Maharjan says:

you are awesome …your smile and voice …and style are adorable. ..i really love it …keep it… <3

Adelaaa Samer says:

beautiful hair style thank you i a girl and i love this hair style

Maha Jasmine says:

This hairstyle is sooooo pretty yet so easy! I'll definitely be doing this soon 👌

Elka Pineapple says:

Я одна тут с русского канала?))

dõníā Cristal says:

You Are sooooooooo beauty

Ms.NG Jian says:

wahhh.. love it 😉

Amy Broich says:

Absolutely Beautiful

callme me says:

since i am 18 years old i try to grow my hair V E R Y looooong but I never was patient enough😂so i also prevered extencions. Well, and the thickness….I just say that I am 38 now and i never got my goal 😯. I hope and wish that you will get it lillith ! I wach your Videos for so many years and it is amazing how better your hair became😨. you are on the best way ☺

Sandra Armoa says:

que buenos peinados que ases yo ya me hice algunos

Dania Ashraf says:

moon r u french ??

Jitika Bhatta says:

A really pretty hairstyle . Love it💗💗💖💖💞💞

rajesh ingale says:

I wanna tell you something you are very pretty

Rïma Bëllâ says:


Sonia Farooq says:


Meg Selvidge says:

Where did that white dress you were wearing in the picture come from? Its so pretty!

karainii says:

I can't figure out what you do with the hair down from the ears. there is so much remained hair that needs to be put inside to the close that it takes very long. that way the hair just hangs awkwardly from the neck area downwards, what also looks strange from the back. that way it doesn't look like a braid… help please!

Gissel Nadir Saldaña Valle says:

Muy lindo peinados

Kainat Noor says:

Very nice & helpful video.. & itx xooo e@xy.. 😍 i l0ve it…

Pradnya Savekar says:

This one is amazing Lilith… I tried it and looks amazing on me

Konstantina Koutsoulianou says:

This is perfect!!! 😀

naba altaee says:


رهام حبي says:

Woooow …goood idea

Le J says:

You look so beauty. I love your smile

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