“Emo” Hair Tutorial! (For Guys)

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So, this was my first time ever doing any sort of tutorial. Give me feedback in the comment section! Thanks for watching! ^_^


green insomniac says:

i'd like to get a haircut like this, but what do i ask for at the barber? i'm imagining it like this: me: yo fam i want that emo style barber: say no mo fam

Joshy Zamael says:

Dude did you go through an awkward bowlcut stage before getting that hair ;-; I am going through that

FerNamSG Takeshi says:

Quien estuviera blanquito como tú :3.


why do you have a washer in the shower and clean that room
do you not have any shame boiiiiiii…….

Monday says:

Your so Fucking CUTE! <3 XD X3

ExtraChromosomeSupreme Keem says:

i honestly doubt that he can see. Please do not get lazy eye.

Killer Dear says:

I was doing good till I had to do the blow job😂😂😂

YouTube Account says:

How old are you😍😍

Lane Rose says:

I love him 😍

bring me the alexandria says:

Can somebody please tell me how calls that song at the and?:)….thank you

Kawaii Bunny says:

You rock so much to me

alternative emo girl says:

I just found out a couple of months ago that I am the ONLY emo in my city but there are scenes and goths but are u kidding me I'm the only emo girl and no emo guys like WTH

kawaii cat Davis says:

I like your hair😍

werid and annoying says:

"I feel exposed"

Don't worry I always feel exposed ._.

Kawaii Gh0stKitty says:

Btw, I subscribed ^-^

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