Elegant Twisted Bun Updo Perfect For Formal/Wedding Occasion | Natural Hair | MissT1806

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We are almost upon wedding season so in the video I share and easy style that will be perfect for a bride, bridesmaid or guest! Enjoy!

My Wedding Hair Tutorial: https://youtu.be/WhQ8qGScSxw
My Wedding Pictures Slideshow: http://www.joshuadwain.com/slideshows/tinajc/index.html

Products Used:
Olive Oil ORS Edge Control Hair Gel

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Music: YouTube Audio Library

Connect with me:
Instagram – @MissT1806 (https://www.instagram.com/misst1806)
Email – misstdesign@gmail.com
Etsy jewelry store – https://www.etsy.com/shop/misstdesign


Lynn E says:

Lovely lady and hair 😊

ButtaFli 305 says:

This is soooooooo pretty and simple.  I just transitioned for about a year and I just cut my permed ends off so I am in the stage one of hair length, however I like looking at tutorial videos to get ideas on what to do with my hair once it starts to get longer.  I like simplicity and this fits my personality perfectly!!! I just subscribed to your channel and I can't wait to see more videos!!!

Francine Morris says:

I like the way the style looks with the band higher on your head (style 2 I think). Simple and cute.

Elaina Marshall says:

2! You are so beautiful.

C France says:

I keep watching this video because I absolutely love this style. I don't have the length but I am going to fake it with braiding hair. Stay blessed!

Ms Naula says:

I am SO glad I found your videos! I was at the point of frustration trying to find protective styles for my type and texture hair. I felt like giving up but your tutorials gave me new ideas. Your hair is a bit thicker than mine but we have similar texture…I also feel like you're my style twin because all of the styles resonate with me. I also have several of the elastic head bands you used in this video. Thank you so much for sharing!!

Bunny G says:

So cute! Your updo videos are awesome. I think I'm going to try this style for my birthday.

Jeanette Desenclos says:

Where are you? I love your accent 😊

Lily Rom says:

Hey I'm Nelly. I'm feench and i love yours vidéos. Yours hairs are magnifique!! So I copie your ideas…(and sorry for my english ^^)

Irène Descieux says:

Wow j'adore toi et tes cheveux sont magnifique. Je m'abonne 🙂

carole payet says:

Salut je me suis abonné a ta chaine j'aime beaucoup tes coiffures les twists les braids out je ne sais pas si tu comprend le français mais je vais essayer d'écrire un peu en anglais

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