Easy Twist Braid Hairstyle | Hair Tutorial

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Hey guys, in this hair tutorial, I will show you how to create an easy twist braid half updo but first I will show you how to get some boho curly waves using the NuMe Lustrum curling wand set. This hairstyle will work on medium to long hair. It looks best on wavy or curling hair but it will also work on straight hair. It can be worn casually to work or school or it can be dressed up for special events like proms and weddings.

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Shanthi Shanu says:


Pooja Rani says:

very nice hairstyle.

T Suma says:

you are amazing
zing zing 😘😲😍

TRINH LE says:

what kind did you pray on your hair?

arya luna says:

thanks not Thanksgiving…

arya luna says:

but a very beautiful hair tutorial, Thanksgiving;-)

arya luna says:

that was my first thougt too 😂

mentoswatthehell says:

i have natural curls. can skip the curling part lol. wonderfully done too

sneha arts says:

straight rakti thi to bhi chal ta ths

A Dawt says:

I only got till one step 😩

VIVITU says:

Zvery beautiful and easy. Thank you.

Susan Flores says:

Your tutorials are of great help on my every day routine for my 8th year old daughter. I want her to be like u someday! Looking forward on more tutorials and great braids…

Indu senthil says:

its simple and easy,thank you.

Rachel Tan says:

why drumroll can win two NuMe products from the give away?

ayesha mahveen says:

hi maam which hair colour ur using plss tell I like ur all hairstyles and ur hair colour I want to make my hair like urs

Sunaina Mishra says:

hi I am living in India and want to buy Get the NuMe Lustrum kindly please let me know can i buy it and how much i have to pay for this

Rjil Kamw says:

nice hair n style

Angel Yu says:

Its very nice style and easy to make….but could you show it again more clear at the part when you twist as you hand is totally cover the hair….so can't well achieve how to twist it!…..I try myself but not sure correct or not….feel easy to loose!! Thanks…and believe many fans same feel as me waiting that part!! Love love

Pearlyn Whiskey says:

I dont understand the 2:43 part :((

Mahnoor Sheikh says:

1:58 video starts

Sweety One says:

its nice hair style but how i can get this curler box

Riya Dalpati says:

cute braid and it is very easy to made

Mimi May says:

Kind of hard to see with all those curled hair and your hands…

Milan Mihaljevic says:

I literally LOVE this hairstyle!!!!!!!!! btw, what type of camera do u use?

oOLemonzOo says:

ah I love this hairstyle, it's so easy to do 😊

عسري اية says:


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