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Thanks so much for watching! Hope you enjoyed! If not, I’ll be okay I promise 😓

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Sh Yana says:

i don't usually comment but i need to know the background song

Crisel Remigio says:

Girl you’re fucken cuteee😍

awkward says:

this music gave me anxiety.

HelloKimiko says:

You should do a wet hair look with wavy hair.cuz i have almost the same length hair as you and dont know what products would work for the look to last all day.

Dalida Khatib says:

Hey i’m new on youtube hope you can check my channel❤️ ps you’re so pretty

J says:

Make a video of how u straight ur short hair. I also have short hair and it’s really hard to pin straight them

i'm not creative so this is my username says:

at 0:14 what did you use? and why?

Haylie C says:

I cut my hair a couple days ago and have been looking for easy ways to style it and then I found your channel and it's has helped me with what to do with hair 💚

Leonie.m says:

How old r U?😍

Maria Barandica says:

what's your hair type, is it naturally straight? 🙂

Kithalie says:


Franny Becker says:

Parabéns show de canal tudo lindo Ameiiii 💗super inscrita 🇧🇷

Ale Rose says:

What song is this it's really good


🔥 Thanks for the hair tutorials they’re all so helpful 🙂❤️

Anida says:

Your makeup is so beautiful ❤️😍 i will definitely try these out

Lina Moonlight says:

there's totally nothing wrong with having body hair

Wendy Martínez says:

I am not going to rock any of these , this goes so well with you because you so pretty

Angelica says:

🔥 you’ve been growing since I’ve been here 🖤😂

lilsonumb says:

Are those glasses Ray bans?

lilsonumb says:

Where’d you get your glasses from?

Jessica D says:

Slayy 😻 !!

Stefani Rivera says:

This literally my go to ever since I cut it

Ashley Cordova says:

I cut my hair a little while ago and I have been looking for ways to style it. Thank you for these hairstyles❤

Karina Martinez says:

where’s your necklace from 😻

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