Easy Hairstyles With Extensions / Bellami Unboxing

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Here are a few of my favorite hairstyles that I do with my bellami extensions. These extensions give me a lot of volume and a little extra length.

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Keyri Larios says:

I love this so much!

superbang2pm says:

What color is your hair ?

Leeya Lyana says:

Pause it at 3:59 😉

Runningman2169 Ps4 live streaming says:

i mean pretty

Runningman2169 Ps4 live streaming says:

you really cute

Nancy Melendez says:

Your really pretty even prettier then me

ginaspod says:

Brittany wouldn't have a big bra showing right in the middle of her lace up blouse! Well, maybe she would, but you shouldn't.

Sara Boyd says:

I swear by ZALA, they last twice as long as all the other extenions ive had….

Skylar Ramirez says:

Ok I just ordered a second set of ZALAs (after going brunette recently) for my 18th this weekend. I am so so excited, I have used ZALA in the past and absolutely loved them. Have just found the quality much nicer than other brands and they always seem to stay healthy for A LOT longer

Andri sispika says:

nice… awesome post… i like. like and subscribe back my chanel.. thanks you…

lex cortez says:


Jebs Gaming says:

she is a combo of Niki and Gabi Demartino +Britney Spears + Blake Lively

Ashley Apolinar says:

Everyone says you look like Britney but I think you look like Serena from gossip girl

Br1ann3a C says:

Good video, it would be even better if you could just keep looking into the camera instead of the view finder! Great video though

Tola Ferguson says:

Brittany ,gabi,niki !!?

Giovanna O. says:

You look like Britney when she was young 😱

Samara Troche says:

You look so much like Gabi 😍😭

Gabby Hughes says:

what color are yours?

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