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Hey y’all! In today’s video I’m showing you 6 easy hairstyles you can do for when you work out! You don’t need a mirror, or a brush just your hands and some hair ties! Hope this helps you guys! Tweet me pictures if you recreate any of these super duper easy hairstyles! 🙂

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C_Sheri bible talk says:

Get It straight! Making your hair look messy doesn't mean you need freaking lumps work lamps it means wispies get it right

Michelle Lynette Trujillo says:

Omg the first looks dumb as fuck with it pulled out n😂😂😂😂

Hair stuff says:

Piggy tails and simple braid is my go to never sucks

Kalai Selvi says:

Most of the comments are really mean

Jessica Clark says:

I hated the one before the last one

Tim Bourgeois says:

All of the hairstyles look AWESOME!I just tried them all out

Saga Mäkilä says:

It was soo helpfull💕🌸 I even had one of those for a gymnastics meet😍🌸

David Villarreal says:

you look pretty with whatever you want to wear

Siline Tv says:

good shape of you iloves i laike hair

sevda amor says:


Nat Kate says:

Omg I finally found the perfect hairstyle 😱😱😱

Kawaii_ Waffle says:

Jackie: The French braid is just a quick and easy hairstyle for any workout.

Me: The ponytail is a quick and easy hairstyle for any workout😂

Lorren Love says:

1:25 "It just gives the hairstyle more characteristic" …

Simply Kam says:

Gang Gang squad where you at

Krazy Katie says:

This helps me bc in gym we run a mile

Brianna Reed says:

I did these hairstyles for soccer, and they all fell out by the end of the game😂 I'm really bad at this stuff😂

Clorox Bleach says:

How did I get from Paranormal to girly tips?

Natalie Seddon Vlogs says:

She look like poop

Natalie Seddon Vlogs says:

Erm first hairstyle Nah lol

Adri_Fig 04 says:



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