Cute & Easy Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair!

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lindadhill says:

So cute. She really loves her hair

Alexis says:

My mom never wanted to deal with my hair. She
would always just put it in one braid and I wouldn't be able to take it out.. I wish she tried to do more with it.

quêen._. Jayy says:

When she was Born did she have curly hair?

Ziah Matthews says:

When you braid tip start at the top and braid tighter it will look less loose

Laury Debrosse says:

She is the most beautiful girl with great manners and filled with intelligence .. She. Has a heart for nature thats good and can i say she has the perfect hair full thick and long love it God bless your famillia

Destiny Lado says:

Her hair is beautiful but can't u see her mums face???

Mariah Otey says:

She is so cute and her brother and her hair

shannon fencher Fencher says:

oh my gosh i love her hair is so pretty

shannon fencher Fencher says:

what type of hair does she have

Nevaeh Jenkins says:

how did her hair get so long what did u do to it

oi aa says:

muito legal

Pretty Pretty says:

what kind of brush is that? I don't want to brush my daughters hair to hair and preserve her edges like you do mariahs

Lucy Davis says:

Do a hair care routine !

Andrea Mccray says:

why the mom never be in the camera.

jamilah Tillman says:

she s so adorable u should make more vlogs

FruityBean says:

Why isn't the mom in the vlogs???

Vanessa Grier says:

Hi Mariah, your hair is pretty, I love the different hair styles.

Temeaka Evans says:

that's really nice

Cupcake Lover says:

Ahh, I can't get over how pretty her hair is!! I'm mixed and have curly hair too these tutorials really help me! I've bought all the products you've shown in video's and they are really good! Keep up the good work!!💜💜💛

just beingme says:

she's so pretty

wcw.sysylit Dxddysy says:

Her hair is beautiful

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