Cooking With My Best Friend (Healthy Veggie Rolls)

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Happy New Year guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their friends and family! To start the new year, my bestfriend is going share one of her vegetarian recipes with us! I thought a fun interactive video would be a great start for the new year. 🙂

My bestfriend made a choice to become a vegetarian last year. Although I still eat chicken and fish a couple of times a week, I really enjoy the vegetarian dishes she has made for me including this one. You can add whatever you like in your roll! I usually add shrimp and vietnamese ham. ^_^ Please note that Liselle loves fries– it’s her guilty pleasure! If you want to make this really healthy, omit the fries. 🙂 Bon appetit!

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Thanks for watching! More tutorials coming soon. 🙂


Winona Daphne says:

Nee looks nothing like ohsashafierce! I'm pretty sure it's Leenda, her face shape, nose is a match. 

rabeeah ansari says:

Looks good!

Laura Gonzalez says:

I love leenda! (:

Krishma Kumar says:

I just realized she is from Asian mean girls lol!

Josie A says:

I'm Vietnamesse too!!

Erin Robinson says:

let it go for a swim! lol

nagotnamnmanmasteha says:

It gives it a crispy crust.

Kassandra Solórzano says:

Awww best friends are adorable!

Nancy Nguyen says:

Liselle is vietnamese. So r u vietnamese too?

Roberta Marzocca says:

In italian it is SALVIA… mmm i don't know in english… :/

SlimShady1 says:

is it just me that thinks the 2 sisters sound the same?

Caro- Chantal says:

You both have long hair!!! D;

Angel Tran says:

OMG I luv those I think the healthy rolls are called Goi Cuon in Vietnamese

HeartedAngel27 says:

I love spring rolls, healthy rolls and egg rolls!! YUMMY!! to die for!!! 🙂

SAIPEA060306 says:

it call Asian Mints

Amy Morales says:

Nee r u a vegan or vegetarian to

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