Brooklyn & Bailey’s ACT Test Drama! | Family Fun | Behind the Braids Ep.15

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Why are Brooklyn & Bailey laughing so hard? See what crazy drama happened right before they took their first ACT Test! This episode of “Behind the Braids” is full family fun and lots of family time! Join us as we show you game time (Kickball) “McKnight style” with our friends, the Kusgen family!

We also vlog some behind-the-scenes footage of the exact moment when Brooklyn and Bailey hit 3 Million SUBSCRIBERS! Plus watch as BrooklynAndBailey tell you about the drama that happened just before they took their ACT (college placement) test!

We always have fun as a family, but as parents we love spending time with our kids outside and playing games together! It’s always funny to play kickball together and watch as Daxton and Paisley try to learn the game while the older kids (Kamri, Rylan, Brooklyn, and Bailey) play hard! Family friendly moments are so important to us and sure to create lasting funny videos and funny moments (even as I fail by kicking the ball right to Trevor)!

Everyone has been asking for some behind-the-scenes footage of how we film our videos. So yesterday, we caught a few vlogs of Kamri while she filmed as Kalium for her KamriNoel channel. Lots of lights and cameras for sure!

While we were filming, Shaun took the little kids to Culver’s for some of their favorite burgers and ice cream! Chocolate ice cream for the rest of us, of course!

Brooklyn and Bailey also had a SUPER EXCITING MOMENT this week as they hit 3 Million SUBSCRIBERS! We are so excited for them and want to thank each and every one of you for all your support! If you want to have a lot of fun binge watching some fun twin sister videos, be sure to watch BrooklynAndBailey’s channel HERE!

Brooklyn and Bailey also had a funny and crazy moment this week as they went to take their ACT college placement test! There was a lot of drama involved right before they got there, but it all ended up working itself out… but BARELY!

Paisley demonstrates her amazing hair skills by showing you one of her fun hair tutorials on my hair! She’s definitely grown up in our family watching me do hair, so its cute and adorable to see Paisley take a turn giving me a hairstyle! She literally knows how to rope twist, simple braid, and fishtail braid! As parents, a mom and dad, nothing is more rewarding than to see your children be creative and serve others!

Enjoy this vlog for lots of family-time fun! Please be sure to give this video a BIG “👍🏻” if you loved it, and leave a comment below telling us which part of the blog was your favorite!

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Cherry Blossom says:

Who else thinks that Brooklyn and bailey are the glue to the family! Love you guys!

Sarah Angeline says:


Amira Fitzpatrick says:

Rylan is getting so old but so pretty! All of your kids are beautiful. :)

Cameron Xx says:

Aghhhhhhhh I am so fucken dead when Dayton got ran over 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭💀💀

Libby Murfin says:

I love kick ball

ToxicBlue17 says:

We call "kickball" soccer base ball. XD

Lucy Fader says:

Rylan is starting to look a LOT like Brooklyn and Bailey

Elizabeth Haney says:

I took my ACT last year in 7th grade.

Bella Ruiz says:

I love you guys!!!😂❤️❤️❤️

Amelia Mingo says:

OMG I was that 3,000 sub!

Valeria Padilla says:

Are they alto or soprano

Fiona Lu says:

Congrats now it says 3 million u guys deserve it yayyy

Gia Ton says:

3:20 Paisley looks so cute and older in that outfit! AHAAHAHAH SO ADORABLE

Karen Nguyen says:

was rylan wearing mascara??

taina says:

can you do a house tour please????

Tiffany Liao says:

isn't it kind of late to take the ACT while you're a senior?

Paris Stoll says:

I love knowing that I subscribed and I helped you get your goal I love ya

GreenRingCharms says:

Paisley's so cute!

Fareda Aryoobi says:

Is Bella Jenny's daughter??

rebecca landon says:

baliy is my faveret one

Pizzalover🍕 says:

My sister is a senior and has taken it 4 times,her last time she made a 33

Kristi Coleman says:

Paisley is so stinking cute#the cuteness one

SpacePOP says:

Great videos!

Biscuit115 says:

Can I have your lashes Brooklyn!!

Eevee Girl 15 says:

Who thinks Rylan should start a channel?😂😂

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