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Bridal hair (with weave) & Makeup for Black Beauties Part 1

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Maria John says:

Lovely hair styles

Maria John says:

Lovely hair dos

Bwanika Joseph says:

Make up on point #nice styles as well

Deborah Lescalleet says:

Oh my I'm so glad I ran into this channel cuz I'm getting marry in August..:-) I got great ideals

Michelle Morgan-Leslie says:

Starting to plan for my 2019 summer wedding and this is giving me fantastic ideas🖤💚👌🏾 Thank you!

Tanzania AKA Sasha E says:

At 4:13 that girl did not appear to be black in any way. What was the point of adding that photo? Her hair style wasn't even very significant so there's no argument there. Just confused as to why you didn't just leave it out or find another ACTUAL black woman.

Netta R says:

Beautiful tfs!

Crystal Dunn says:

Carmen green go

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