Black Teen Hairstyles – Complete Guide on how to do them! Beginner Friendly

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For more Black/Afro American Hairstyles please go check our blog:

Quick hairstyle for teens that you can do on curly, stretched, or straightened hair! For more check out the our blog.


Catherine Guider says:

MAKE MORE VIDEOS!!!:)  you are good

Ashley Merilien says:

hi i like your hair syiles

Tashana Williams says:

Finally I need this. Everytime I look up hairstyles it's always extension, not natural hair

skye Carter says:

Love the fact that you're young and know how to take care of your hair! I can keep my hair straight dor about 2-3weeks! Wrap every night and beautiful in the am! Keep it up!

elisabeth glasco says:

it looks good

Nikaylah franklin says:

She is not black she mix

Makayla Demund says:

That was cool. but like when i braid my hair when its press out i take separate pieces of my hair and braid it. Sometimes it doesnt work out 

Ronette Hetsberger says:

well i try but it's too hard for me because i can't see how u stared it

Taymiyyah Mason says:

Why is everyone saying no full black persons hair stays straight for 2 weeks..That's NOT true…Just because someone may take poor care of their hair, or it's not trained doesn't mean someone who does is not telling the truth…and everyone's texture is not the same…unless you know every full black person in the world's hair doesn't stay straight for 2 weeks or more..then you should have a seat because you are, in fact ignorant and quite frankly stupid..

Danielle Franklin says:

My hair is way longer than here and I'm not mixed just fully black but my hair is really curly so i hsve to straighten it and it stays for about 3 weeks 

MDawesomedolladolla says:

Cool. Pretty sweet vid helps

Zarah Y. says:

i have bangs on both sides of my face and its reeally irritating when i wanna put it in a quick ponytail!!

Sydney Oglesby says:

You have pretty hair

Mozart Begay says:

wow r u a cherleader

moonlit sakura1 says:

ooo thanks i love this look

Brittany Green says:

Nice tutorial! =^_^=

Rayana Burton says:

You did a Dutch braid

Kenaisha Wright says:

you just hating

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