Bebexo Vlog: Summer Break 2011 with my boyfriend & bestie

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Thumbs up for my very first vlog! ^_^
Hey everyone, just thought I’d share another side of me with you today. It’s also a nice break from the wooden wardrobe. ^_^ Hope you enjoy! xo

0:04 Hiking with our dogs (Babe and my sister’s dog, Kobe)
2:27 Snacking and dinner
3:00 Afternoon at the amusement park with my BFF
4:11 Wedding Day (not mine lol)
4:35 Dinner before the fireworks
5:01 Rollerblading to the beach
6:08 Snacking at the beach
6:43 Fireworks by Team Spain
8:00 Late night snack

These are just some of the things that I like to do around here… what are your favorite activities in the summer time? Comment below!


Anfal Yaseen says:

i lov your videos

bratzshadi18 says:

LOL I saw your Boyfriend in the car at 4:15, right? 😀 xoxo

frheadtotoe says:

Heey, Nee! I live in Europe, but I have been on vacation to Canada once (last summer), and than I also went to the suspension bridge. It is kinda cool that you were there to! Do you live in/around Vancouver? (I though that the place were you were rollerbalding was Vancouver… Correct me if I'm wrong). And I will be going on an exchange to Canada next school year! Maybe I will be placed around Vancouver! Btw, I really like your videos! (I know my English sucks xD But I hope you can understand) X

marissa nagel says:

1:43 is why I want to live in Canada!! (the backround I mean)

Anjana Drukpa says:

Do You Live In England?

Aisha Ali says:

were does it show him

JellyLover686 says:

Is your boyfriend korean? Because I hearrd a lot of korean songs in this x)
not a lot just like..2.

pandasandsadnap says:

Congrats!! <3
K-Pop Yeah!

Sophie Ruzecki says:

omg really!! 🙂 i thought you were like 17 or 18 hahaha i guess not we congrats <3

Anna Loanzon says:

BIGGEST.FAN.EVER. which is me! <3 yes! You're so so so sos Awesome! I wore your holiday hairstyle to church today and loved it! THanks so much!

liltenshi39 says:

lmao! "Rice for Life!" Heck yes! I love rice 😀 My family called me the rice fiend 😛

DevotedToLarry says:

CONGRATS @bebexo (: ♡

Kimberly mallory says:

The bridge freaked me out. The food looked yummy tho.

Elizandra Horne says:

I'm in love with your dogs.

Hanna Vu says:


cece chen says:

do u live in seattle ? cuz it looks like ur at this beach called aki

xoxolivia3 says:

ya she does

Zoya Salim says:


Selina Li says:

The Chihuahua is so adorable and so is the Pomeranian. my yorkie is like the same exact color as the pom.! Hahaa 🙂

Denise Castro says:

wow you have an exiting life

divinetheory20 says:

Omg! Congratulations!

Victoria says:

You should do more vlogs. It looks so beautiful there, and there are so many things to do. You sure are busy! 🙂

thy ngo says:

do you live in canada?

forever we are young says:

Awesome, I went on the Suspension Bridge too! Love your dogs, by the way. 😀

Elizabeth Ramirez says:

looks like
you have a lot f fun!

Pia T says:

Hey I know that place anywhere 🙂

Pierina says:

OMGGG!!! I didnt know there were Sailor Moon rides!!! :O I LOVE Sailor Moon!! xD ♥

Kimmy Bee says:

haha u guys were listening to tae yang in the car lol

Megan says:

OMG You live where i live too! 😀 <333

alejandra diaz says:

yumm, your food all looked so delicious ^-^

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