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Hello our beautiful friends, it is officially prom AND wedding season. So, today we bring you 3 different hairstyles that you can wear on short to medium length hair. These are perfect if you are DIY-ing your hair or are looking for some pretty inspiration to bring to your hairstylist.

Thank you to our beautiful friend Elanna for this collab. You can check out her channel here:

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If you have recreated any of these beautiful looks, snap a picture and post it on your Instagram with @luxyhair tagged in the photo – we’d love to see it and will feature out favourites on our Luxy Hair Instagram

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Luxy Hair says:

Which one was your fave: 1, 2, or 3?? Let us know 😉 xoxo

Shaheda Begum says:

3rd one was looking stunning

Венера Господинова says:

such a beautiful girl!

Zinnia Adil says:

i like the 3 one

cecekayn says:

Im doing the first one for my school comencment for eight grade

Arleen Kailey says:

3 is so pretty

Bianca o_O says:

I tried the third look today and it was super satifying!! I did mine with a flowercrown which just adds that spring touch. I absolutely love the look and I can't thank you enough!!

IrishRose. says:

You're so pretty! Love these hairstyles <3

PSS KL says:

has anyone ever told you that you are the younger version of Sharon Stone?

MrGhirbo says:

u say away from ur face and towards ur face but actually you are doing toward your face every time… or is it something i miss ?

liliyakay says:

Always stunning, Elanna! xoxo

Arya r r says:

😍😘 loved the 2 nd 3 the best💋

Ritu Mahat says:

I loved all but the best for me was the last one Luxy hair all your videos are awesome and amazing and perfect

veronichelle says:

you look even MORE like scojo in this video wow beautiful!! i LOVE the hollywood style, have always been so in love with vintage beauty

Kanthi Jamandlamudi says:

Can I know where you got the top you are wearing?

MayraPriscila27 says:

GIVEAWAY of some of my fave makeup goodies, help me reach 1000 subscribers please! ☺️❤️🙏🏻

zikr100 says:

I have noticed they never have dark skinned women in the videos 🤔

büşra eker says:

Please do one for long hair

Alnor2 says:

I guess I'm going to do the first one on my wedding 😍💘

Nys neo says:

Stunning~ where did you get your dress? Looks pretty😍

NOOR Angel says:

2nd one was just awesome…

Kristen De La Garza says:

What kind of curler do you use? And what size?

Jasminshaikh Jasminshaikh says:

plz do for long hair

be awesome says:

I love all the looks! my fave was the first one!
i was wondering… what is the song playing?

magda stachurka says:

What's on your lips? So pretty 🙂

MisterBassBoost says:

Great content. Keep it up!

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