Babysitting Fail? This is What Happened…

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In today’s episode of #BehindTheBraids, you will see Brooklyn & Bailey head home to babysit the littles while Shaun and I went out of town! One event after another turns the whole weekend into a #Babysitting #Fail! The twins obviously have forgotten what family life is like while they’ve been at college!

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What else will you see? Well, Brooklyn & Bailey take their friends to get their eyebrows THREADED (even the boys)! For me, I decided to change up my hair for the winter and go DARKER! One of my good friends, Chrissy, was in town teaching a class on her technique of #hairextensions application, and she let me be her hair model! My hair is LONG now, and I seriously feel like I have mermaid hair. It’s so fun! You can check out Chrissy’s instagram HERE ➡️

You’ll also go along with Paisley and Daxton as they go Trick-or-Treating for Halloween. It wasn’t as great as in past years, because of the wild rainy Texas weather! Kamri dressed up as the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, and Paisley was Dorothy (with a little Toto in her basket)! Even though it was a rainy and wet, the kids sure did look adorable! Brooklyn & Bailey threw a #college Halloween party at Baylor with all of their friends and dressed up as HERSHEY’s KISSES. Think they had a great time?

Lastly, you’ll see Paisley’s first #gymnastics #cheer performance, plus we have several very exciting things coming up on the horizon as well! You’ll see the cover reveal of my very first book (coming out in April) in this vlog! It’s so weird to see my name on the cover… like, what?! Shaun and I also took a road trip to Arkansas to work on a very, VERY exciting confidential project! It was great to spend some quality time together, just the two of us, too!

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💋’s -Mindy

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Cute Girls Hairstyles says:

How old is your next closest sibling? Also, check out BrooklynAndBailey’s NEW Holiday Hair Scrunchies HERE before they sell out! ▶️ 💋's -Mindy

SchattendragonflyPL says:

Mindy, driving with your legs on the front panel of the car is very dangerous. Way worse injury or spinal breake in case of accident. Better not to .

Munira Husain says:

Love u bb and mindy

Alexis DeLoria says:

Every time I go to walmart I never see the twins' mascara I really wish I could get it but apparently my state isnt nice enough to sell it lol. Jk but seriously they need to sell it in my state well ill just keep looking when I go back to walmart again I guess.

Lauren Louise Douglas says:

I wore the same costume as Kamri luv u guys!!

Freedom Lopez says:

I wish the son could be in the videos more or have his own youtube channel

Neethi M says:

mindy you almost look like savannah checkout her youtube channel

LeahBeah says:

I'm a 2-4 year old teacher so I know the struggle. Imagine having half of them potty trained and the other half in pullups or diapers. I love all 28 of my babies, but they're quite a handful.

Ayush Lal says:

Please make video on reacting to Bollywood ( India)

Raylena Rodriguez says:

OMG I LIVE IN ROGERS ARKANSAS 😫😫 aka like 15 minutes away from bentonville. i go to college in bentonville tho omfg i wish i could’ve met y’all!

Weni Angel says:

Shawn is very funny dad

Brooklynn Gookin says:

My dad and mom always take my candy. My dad takes snickers and my mom takes only the Reese’s that are themed for the holiday.

Weni Angel says:

I love all of u family

UnCorazonTejano says:

when you get your eyebrows threaded,you must not sweat or else it will sting. ice cube over the eyebrown definetly helps any thread burn

Duaa Bilal says:

7:04 why was paisley wearing different shoes from everyone else?

Natasha Cullison says:

The pink with silver is really pretty

Kylie Messner says:

Brooklyn and bailey should do a scrunchy give away

Jada and Catelyn says:

House tour?

White Daisy says:

Shawn or Sean (not sure how to spell it) my parents don’t take my candy my sister does, and she is younger than me. 😂😂

Lauren Kandlbinder says:

Shaun is wearing the same shirt like if anyone else noticed that

Hannah Brillhart says:

Hehehehe good job that’s funny!

Emma Ward says:

Were was the part with them babysitting????

Nora LaBurn says:

I was a Giraffe

Florida gators rock says:

So this is what women do.

Jennifer Cobb says:

I have 3 siblings my closest is my brother he is 14 my next oldest is my other brother he is in college and he is 19 and my oldest is my sister and she is married and she is 20

Emily Lupinacci says:

I loved this video! It was so cute! The only thing was that when bailey said that the party has no alcohol, doesn’t she know she is underage for drinking? but it’s not a big deal haha she is still staying safe 😄

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